Monday, November 24, 2008

Learning and Growing (Sometimes The Hard Way)

For continuing education, I took a concentrated hypnotherapy class this weekend from a very gifted presenter (who is also highly credentialed in the clinical sense). Yet the further into the coursework I got, the more I felt set up with false expectations because much of the paranormal coursework was mislabeled.

ONE EXAMPLE: My classmates and I stood in a circle to learn how to "speak in tongues." Before we began, I asked: "Who are we going to channel?" (since the instructor is a self-proclaimed Atheist/Agnostic and as far as I know Protestant groups, Roman Catholics, and Pentacostals all regard "speaking in tongues" as a method for channeling the Holy Spirit). The instructor looked at me like I was completely stupid and said "NOBODY!" (duh!) So when my classmates began moaning, groaning, humming, clicking their fingers or otherwise making fun but random noises for that entire "speaking in tongues" session I felt perplexed.

Don't get me wrong. I really enjoyed raising group energy together -- yet I would never have labeled such an exercise as "speaking in tongues" (due to all the religious connotations affiliated with that description).

What's more, having studied Shamanism rather extensively, I felt extremely annoyed to "learn" that the exercise labeled "shamanic journey" had absolutely nothing to do with Shamanism, Spirit or earth-based spirituality but it merely borrowed visualization cues (such as a canoe for meditation) as part of the guided hypnotherapy session.

Because using pendulums (a valuable tool that I use extensively in my psychic work) was taught as a mere parlor game -- I decided to trust that the magickal tool would make its own power known, in its own due time, and that no harm would come to people who mis-judged the tool's capabilities. {{Hopefully, the pendulums utilized were not terribly offended for being handled so carelessly}}.

One thing I really got from the coursework this weekend is how desperately I need to begin teaching pendulum magick, once again. I am now researching venues for hosting classes . . . and will update this blog in that regard very soon.


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I should learn to read Tea Leaves, which are a bit more civilized than disemboweling someone. Tea Leaves and Pendulum are taught in parlors, but that's just for practice. Tea Leaves help in pulling the order, out of the chaos of Living, and Pendulums sensitize to the yes/no. It's still needed to have something to work with, however, and we get our best ideas, in helping others.

I've never understood the babble, of "Speaking in Tongues," and Gospel describes something entirely different. Just what benefit is the consecrated babble, if I don't understand it; who does anyone think God is going to ask for a translation?

Well, maybe understanding that stuff will be clarified by reading tea leaves, but I wish they'd be quieter, and spend more time actually helping people heal.

A lot of these people think they've taken some lessons, and can share in the glory of another's salesmanship, but it's the spiritual gain, of helping others gain spiritually, that provides the real education.


Yarrow said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I enjoyed browsing yours. Blessings.

Marcheline said...

Unfortunately, as with many religions and spiritual practices, the pagan path attracts its share of loonies and charlatans...

There are folks that think they know the essence of the path because they learn the catch phrases and key words.

The only benefit to this tendency is that it makes them immediately recognizable (and thus avoidable).

- M

Gabriele said...

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