Friday, December 12, 2008

Conflict: Not Always A Bad Thing

Anytime I live with other people sharing my home – I am forced to really look at myself with a magnifying glass. Sharing a home means oober-amounts of personal growth goes on; at least for me.

Since I don’t have that large of a home to begin with, and the house is currently full of guests, I’m feeling like everything is so cluttered. Items keep getting lost or broken in the hustle and when I loan out a key and forget to get it back – that creates chaos with my schedule (not to mention other friendly interruptions during my work day).

What’s more – I hate being the designated cook and I certainly don’t want to have to clean up after other grownups – but since I’m the host (you guessed it; I’m doing chores I despise).

Long story short – my loving family is fully accommodating me now that I’ve put things in writing. (I feel so thankful to them for that). This is why I call them “family” (they are loving, after all).

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Arawn Graalord said...

The best kind of party gets things done. Organize work parties and, when someone screws up, make them stars.

Actualy, the task of Evolution is something I've to work on. For some strange reason, nobody in my area has recognized me as the Sat-Guru of Saintly Kings. I suppose my disguise will have to evolve, as I enable them to greater observational ability.

Have you any remaining Adventists? Sangraal has just the right leverage, to lay healling hands on Christianity.

SunTiger said...

I'd rather not lay my hands on the weird. Bad slimy energy touching people who don't get it.

Arawn Graalord said...

If there are weird slimy energies, associated with those who cast out Angels, in the name of Jesus, as is actually happening in the Niger Delta, at this time, then how do you think Jesus feels?

I was in a Sufi build, yesterday, and some guy from Texas showed up, demanding it be true, that there be one Truth, from which he felt it logical, that there should be one religion. A) I don't happen to believe in Reality, but regard it as an immersive video game. B) The Bible Link he directed me to, didn't have the Book of Wisdom, of the Douay. Kids.

SunTiger said...

I'm sure Jesus is creeped-out by a whole multitude of people who profess to be his followers.


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