Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Post Office From Hell

It’s been a really weird last couple of days. For starters, I mailed a thick and large manila envelope (attempting to renew my professional license) and five days later – that same envelope showed up back in my own mailbox; unopened.

Looking things over, I could not see anything wrong with the packaging or shipping label. Since the contents of my package were time-sensitive, I drove back to the Post Office and pleaded with a manager there to please ship the contents “overnight” (at the P.O.’s expense) since a week had been wasted with them sending the stuff in the wrong direction.

Do you think our socialized mailing system would be willing to accommodate a customer when they’ve clearly made an obvious shipping error? No-o-o-o-o-o-o!

The postal manager actually had a tasteless-ego and blamed the problem on ME-e-e-e-e-e. After all, I had taped a brown shipping label which I had received from the recipient, onto the package and that dark brown label had white ink. Reportedly, the Post Office computers “cannot read white ink” so the package came back to the address that the computers COULD read . . . mine.

“That’s nice to know,” I said, genuinely. “How come nobody told me that when I physically hand-delivered this package to be mailed by that postal clerk, standing right over there, and he never said anything about any such potential problem?”

The manager merely declared that for me to ship the package "overnight" would now cost me an additional $15.00.{Tiger growl}.

Any time I feel so irritated, I do this whole self-analysis thing to see if there is something in my character that needs fine-tuning. This time I realize the problem was definitely NOT me. (Some people in society need to evolve already; damn-it!}


Marcheline said...

I, too, had post-office related grief today. Went to buy a book of stamps, only to find that the highly-touted self-service stamp machines had disappeared from the post office lobby!

Which means that I had to stand in line behind a zillion holiday gift mailers just to get a lousy stamp to mail in a bill....

When I asked the clerk what happened to the stamp machines, she said that they didn't make enough money to warrant their existence, so the post office pulled them.

ARGH. Damn the crappy economy!

- M

Lunar Earth Mama said...

A couple of months ago, I had my mailman come to my door to give me a package while he was smoking a cigar! I was so shocked and dumbfounded by this that I didn't say anything.

He brought a heavy smoke with him not caring one bit if anyone is sensitive to smoke, if anyone could have breathing problems or allergies. Not caring that I have a little boy who likes to come to the door with me.

But then he did it again another day. So I called the USPS 1-800 customer service number and filed a complaint. And very soon afterwards (I think it was the same day) a manager at that local post office called me back up to let me know she talked to him about that and asked me to let her know if I see him still smoking or if the mail smells of smoke (which it had always did before).

That man was unbelievable!!!

Arawn Graalord said...

Unbelievable personell are certainly believable. As SunTiger points out, we're supposed to be at work, helping People evolve. Well, part of this, is experiencing, to visit the universe, of the unevolving human.

Technically, If the machines misdeliver the mail, it's because there's no human involved in delivery management, and I recall mention, in Miracle on 34th Street, that the Post Office is in violation of Federal Law, when it leaves such thinking to a machine.

Properly, by Federal Law, if a letter is addressed to Santa Claus, it should be delivered to a trailer on a salt marsh in northeast florida, but the federal law was unable to provide people competant in letters, numbers, addresses, clairvoyance, psychometry and remote viewing. I really don't know what's wrong with those people.

SunTiger said...

Marcheline ~
What the hell? Didn't the Post Office OWN those machines? (And the stamps sold for the same price as over-the counter). Makes ZERO sense!

Lunar Earth Mama ~ He probably thought he looked cool. (I wouldn't have complained because I don't mind smoke,even while I'm asthmatic, but I respect your right to report him. His smoking on the job was unprofessional at best).

Arawn ~ If you figure out a way to help others evolve . . . let me in on the secret. Mmmkay?


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