Thursday, November 13, 2008

OPINION: America Should NOT Tolerate Hate

Breathing that big sigh of relief following the recent presidential election was too short lived. While many of us cling to a new hope for greater unity under the guidance of Obama, the Seattle Times (this morning) had to go out and publish a historic hate story. (Image borrowed from:

Reportedly, since very few blacks lived near Seattle prior to World War II, the Klu Klux Klan spewed its venomous hatred toward the "Roman Catholic church and on foreigners."

While I understand the concept of "Freedom of Religion" (laws that protects the KKK) and I wave the flag for religious tolerance and freedom of speech, I do NOT feel the spreading of hatred (or the forming of groups that promote hatred) should be tolerated in America. As a free country formed by immigrants from a plethora of origins, we should NOT allow the banning of books, threatening someone's life due to their sexual, religious or racial orientation, or the forming of hate groups that teach division through violence).

Only cowards preach hate and try to surround themselves with other individuals who nurture such limited ways of thinking. America is the land of the free and the brave -- so cowardly hate groups, in my opinion, should be made illegal. (This goes for preaching hate against witches, slandering people for their Jewish origin, and much more.)

The University of Washington covered the above mentioned story in a much more effective manner than the City newspaper.
  • To read the Seattle Times article, go to:
  • To read the UW version (much better writing) go to:


Anonymous said...

I wanted to return the favor & visit your blog. :) I enjoy meeting open minded people. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I like your tiger pics especially the one with the tiara & lipstick-very cute!

Anonymous said...

But once you start limiting people's ability to hate, you can then start encroaching on other things. I'm not saying preaching hate is right at ALL, but one must think of the bigger picture. We already have such limited freedoms nowadays.

Arawn Graalord said...

Hatred would imply something's out of whack, and trying to regulate how people feel, is just Denial.
Denial is Stupidity, while Hatred is just the failure to return some poor service.
The origins of the Klan are worthy of respect, but you'd have to go back to the very beginning, a very good place to start... After the Civil War, a great many youth, of stricken and former land owners, were unable to attend College, so a prejudicially retired general organized a Pranctuire, that the mind could still be excersized. AS the Carpet Bagger Government grew oppressive, some response was needed, so another general took over the Klan, and made it an organization of Terrorist Counter-Oppression.
To be intolerant of Intolerance is to hate yourself in the Mourning, but understand their hearts, to the level of their True Names, and you'll have the bastards pretty much helpless.

SunTiger said...

Moonstarwolf ~ I often get complimented on my logo (the tiger w/tiara & lipstick). Thank you for finding the fun in it and for stopping by!

Anonymous ~ Wow. Did you read the blog entry? I'm NOT seeing your point at all. Nobody's "limiting people's ability" to do anything besides congregating with the collective goal of committing violent crimes. (I can see why you commented anonymously, seeing how you didn't read the entry.)

Arawn ~ You obviously didn't read what I wrote either. NOBODY's saying anything about monitoring how individuals feel. It's the attempting to congregate with the collective goal of committing violent crimes that should be illegal.

Gabriele said...

I think your thoughts here are beutiful. Hate destroys us.
for we are all one in the Divine,

SunTiger said...

Thank you Gabriele. You truly speak from an enlightened point of view.

Corgimom said...

The first time I was confronted on my "all speech is free speech" attitude was by a friend of mine, who happened to be a male African American, and who stated flatly, "There is no freedom in heaven or earth that condones insulting, frightening, or harming a child because of the color of that child's skin, or the beliefs of that child's parents." I have come to believe that the restriction of "child" is better replaced by "person."


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