Monday, November 17, 2008

Attract More Than Tom Cats: With Catnip

Wanna increase love and become irresistible to men? If you're a woman, you can either carry catnip in your pocket, purse or herb sachel or else burn the herb to attract your love interest.

Catnip not only adds great power to love spells but it makes your four-legged fur-angels very happy as well! Then, later, when you're realizing the fruits of your labor, nestling inside the arms of your newly acquired loved-one, you can brew Catnip as a tea for peaceful relaxation!


Arawn Graalord said...

Somehow, I imagine the archangel of Wisdom, batting at your purse.
I got an E-Spirituality Newsletter, appearently from Live Journal. I don't dare touch such things, unless someone I know has control over them.
I went to a Swedenborgian Service, on Sunday, but I think I'd rather get a discussion group into Second Life.
Arawn Graalord

SunTiger said...

Arawn ~
I don't send out any newsletters (if that's what you are implying). I wouldn't open mail from an unknown sender either.

The archangel of wisdom batting at my purse? Hopefully he's putting money in there.
~ ST

Arawn Graalord said...

You want something more than the Holy Grail?
The world is dependant on Oil and Money, and both of these are only appearent dependencies. Getting to Truth is a great challenge to the heart, and all we've known. I know a couple of Alfar, in your area, that could be recovered from Battle Fatigue.
I've a Dualist Approach to OEconomics, that might create a fortune, for somebody; the harmony between producers and consumers is sometimes strained.
I'll just delete the magazine, then. I dind't know, but that it might have been where you were working.

SunTiger said...

by Alfar, you mean the small mythical elf-like creatures? Regarding "the magazine" that could mean so many things: from the casing that holds bullets to an editorial publication. {I know now of what you speak.}

Arawn Graalord said...

Subject E-Spirituality Newsletter - November 2008
From LivePerson * *
Date Tuesday, November 18, 2008 2:28 pm

That one, do you know if it's safe, or tricky?

Monster Trucks, if we assume that someone worked out, how to do that, we still don't know whether the intendor is incarnate. One possibility for an incarnate jokester, would be a very slow airplane, or quiet heliocopter; the joke would be too expensive, for a blimp.

I think the word 'Devil' comes from Deva, as in the Ocean of Milk, where the Devas and the Asuras played tug-o-war with the Naga Yogis, to churn the minds of their Shoals of Students, bringing them closer to Deification, as with our modern Doctorates, where each doctorate is to be awarded to a DJenius of a particular field. The Devas would be Deva al This or Deva al That, so also called Alfar, but the Asatruar use the title 'Vanyr.' The Kurds named a hill Tal Afar, where we presently station our military, so they can learn the pleasures of urban conflict; a veteran of this station is reading as having previously waited for the arrival of the AEsyr, with his current wife, on that hill.

If our present economic woe becomes a bankruptsy of government, which is traditionally manifest as Revolution, then Urban Conflict is likely to become an excersize of Homesickness, which is the same thing as Battle Fatigue, and I think Hammer of the Heart might be the weapon to heal that. Whoever is preparing for this revolution, seems to've overlooked that they follow wars, and tend to begin with the military. Oops, Obama may need more help than we realize.
Go ahead and dawdle about, with your efforts to recover past spiritual glories, rather than saving the world, I know I would; it's much easier, to take forever, in cleaning up these messes, than to invite people to Wisdom, when their lives depend on it.

Arawn Graalord


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