Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Me-e-e-e-e {Legitimate Sarcasm}

One of my favorite on-line resources is "Spell A Day" provided by Llewellyn. However, today's posted spell (which follows, as cut-and-pasted from really made me and my childish imagination laugh out loud. To learn why . . . see my comments following this "Spell A Day" entry.

Color of the day: Yellow
Incense of the day: Lavender

Travel can be so stressful. Even a simple commute to work can leave you tight and angry. Rather than reaching for a cup of coffee to make you feel better, head for the bathroom. Take a seat in a private stall and lock the door. Then breathe. Notice how you are breathing and then allow it to slow down until you are inhaling to a count of four and exhaling to a count of four. Feel your body relax. Tense and relax your scalp, your lips, your shoulders, and move down through your body until you no longer feel any stress anywhere. And then if you decide to have that coffee, make it a café mocha and fully appreciate the blessings of chocolate. ~ By: Kristin Madden

#1. Considering all the various smells evident in any public bathroom, especially a large facility with stalls, I certainly don't want to be breathing deeply inside of there!
#2. Can you imagine being an employee and walking into the workplace facilities only to hear a co-working breathing heavily from the other side of the stall door?

HERE's A BETTER IDEA: Why not lock yourself inside the broom closet instead (really good spells can be performed with brooms!)


Companion Wulf said...

Yellow is the color of the sun, of optimism and hope, but also of cowardice and fear. Lavender is the universal healer herb. Combine the two together - spell or not - you have the ingredients to generate balance. There are a few interesting spells on that site. However, if you consider that a spell is (in its simple format) something that changes the surrounding energies, drawing them in. I would not consider this as a spell (as with the majority of "spells" on that site). Breathing exercises are the essential mind-body-spirit, so you combine these ingredients you have something dynamic. Maybe it's a matter of perception, but there seems to be a fine line between affirmation and spellwork. After all, they both rely on belief in them to work, repeated phrases or ceremonies, and "props" to enhance the energies. Some employers have recently adopted daily breathing/meditation exercises as part of their policies.

SunTiger said...

Perhaps it feels like a matter of perception (to you) and yet without the directed intent spell-work is useless. Thoughts acting alone) can be very powerful as a spell. Have you not heard of the "evil eye" for instance?

Marcheline said...

That is hysterical - going into a public restroom to breathe deeply? EWWWW! I think going outside and breathing in the fresh air would be much more spiritually (and physically) satisfying.

Great post!

- M

SunTiger said...

Marcheline ~
Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed the humor in it all.
~ SunTiger


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