Monday, November 3, 2008

Walking Through Ghosts

Last night, after working late at the computer, I finally took the dog's outside before tip-toeing into the bedroom, where Doug slept, at 3 a.m..

At that "witching hour" I suddenly walked through what felt like spirits huddled together. The ghostly energy felt much thicker than anything I've experienced before. It felt as though I was in a big swimming pool trying to run against so much water. Since the physical essence proved so thick, my first reaction was to flex my virtual muscles and try to look "bigger and badder," metaphysically. (Scarier than whatever had just come to haunt us).

Then I realized it didn't feel like NEGATIVE energy -- so I relaxed, crawled into bed and invited the presence to state its purpose before I went to sleep. No reply came and still I slept deeply.

I feel, upon reflection today, that there were four individual energies there, huddled together. Skye (my daughter-in law) also spontaneously suggested, when I told her of the haunting experience, that four people had been here. My Guides concur and showed me the connection to a Scandinavian family that used to live in this neighborhood (they are now buried in a nearby graveyard). I believe Doug attracted them since he is researching their genealogy -- after we realized they had lived very near our home or on our property from the Norse Museum in Ballard.

While I much prefer an entity to allow me to smell his/her perfume or talk to me (giving me advanced notice of their presence so I don't walk through their essence) I felt thankful to at least have been fully aware of the visit; even while I felt so physically exhausted at the time.

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Richest blessings!
~ SunTiger


Bobby said...

I like having them around.

SunTiger said...

You like having GHOSTS around? {Silly boy.}

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, even though we are living in such an old house, I haven't had any type of paranormal experience here. Maybe because it is the old Parish Priest's House, and the Catholic vibes scared everythng away?!*laughing*

It was nice to see you in my journal. How are you?

Take care~ db


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