Friday, November 7, 2008

Business Clearing Last Night

Last night I responded to a call to clear a business that negative renters had vacated. The building's owner noticed haunting like phenomena while the place was empty. Previous to me showing up with my daughter-in-law to help, the building owner had followed my instructions to clean the premises with amonia water.

Even still, with the floor still wet, most photos I took were full of orbs that look like dust. What I could not describe away, however, was the manner in which every single photo looked like the room was full of mist. Notice too the dark corners (top of photo, either side).

Perhaps the most profound experience from clearing this building was the non-human screech we all three heard during the cleansing ceremonie. The building owner described the screech as a banchee's yell but it wasn't quite that loud and we all agreed it sounded like the rumbling of a frog's croak followed by a screeh-like scream.

{Gotta run out the door for now -- more info to come later.}


Arawn Graalord said...

Were that Film, I'd be looking for some source of Photon Pollution, either a leaky camera, or a geiger counter. It sounds unlikely that they left an X-Ray machine about, but strange happens, in the ordinary course.

If it's a digital camera, there could also be some lower spectrum electro-magnetism, such as a coil or radio. A being traumatised by baking in the Microwave, would be another Out-There. I've got Ghost Whisperer, on TV, but assume you'll already be looking for hints there.

Drawn is the Four of Coins Inverted: Setbacks in Material Matters; Opposition to further gain; Suspense and delay; Spendthrift. What's a spendthrift?


Faerheart said...

Hey, girl. As always, please check this for truth and accuracy. . . .

I'm getting that the "banshee scream" you heard was an alarm set by the previous occupants to warn them of the presence of strong magick. Other alarms and wards had been in place, but were easily removed by your clearing. This one had never been set off before, and was a final protest, if you will -- the last of the remaining energies from those departed renters -- and was a particularly strong one, at that.

The space/building is now completely clear of their presence.

SunTiger said...

Arawn ~
Your Tarot work is 100% on. The previous renters had told the building owner she was "cursed" and that they were vacating due to their own loss of material gain(another reason for the cleansing). What's more -- there were no microwave ovens inside the building and photos taken OUTSIDE that place were crystal clear/not a camera issue.

Faerheart ~
I do "get" what you write is true and accurate. After we left the building -- we felt under attack and had to do other clearing work on ourselves. :D {Thank goodness for the power of three.}


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