Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yesterday's Hike (Cedar River Watershed)

After hiking in drizzling rain to the top of the Cedar River Watershed (Washington State) this photo was taken to look over the valley below. Deep in the Forest -- all sorts of mushrooms and lichen grow.
What is it about old Forest stumps that feels so mysterious?This vine maple (and many others) was covered in lichen -- giving it a furry look like so many mammoths of prehistoric bygone eras. Hiking companions: Skye (my beautiful daughter-in-law) and my son Greg.
My husband Doug

Me & My two angels in fur.


Corgimom said...

Ah. Beauty...
Hike where you will, you will find beauty.
Redundant: So glad Greg and wife are home safe.

SunTiger said...

Thank you, Luv, for your kind sentiments! {Thanks too for stopping by.}

Fijufic said...

Nice pics....

Looks beautiful and very damp.


likeisaid said...

Hi ST, just thought I'd stop by for a visit. Your journal looks great and loads more quickly than JS.
I'm so glad your son is home safe. Love the photos. What beautiful country you live in. You all look wonderful. :)
I still miss you at JS!

SunTiger said...

Fijufic ~ Are you making fun of Western Washington's rainy weather {Oh ye who basks in the sun while he lives at the beach???} ~ SunTiger

LikeIsaid ~
I would never have moved my blog from JS if I had not suffered too many technical problems there. THANK YOU FOR MISSING ME! {I stop by to view your blog often!} :D

Hrafnkell said...

Great photos! Very damp indeed! I've hiked through the woods before after a rain or early in the morning and I was as wet as if I'd been in a downpour.

Marcheline said...

Hollow tree stumps are where the wee folk live! My (bible-banging Baptist) mother told me that when I was little, and we used to use bits of bark and stone to make little chairs and tables for them.

She has no idea that she taught me my first lessons in witchcraft!

- M

SunTiger said...

Hrafnkell ~ Fortunately I wore leg-warmers, which absorbed most of the wetness before it could penetrate the denim of my jeans. :D

Marcheline ~ Your mother probably didn't realize that whomever taught that to her was merely keeping witchcraft in the family lineage. :D


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