Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

Gregory, Skye and I went haunting the other night. Dressed as the green witch, pictured, I felt amused when I walked inside a haunted house in Tacoma and one of the actors inside the entrance to the insane asylum instantly blurted: "You give witches a bad name!" (As if she could possibly know me -- based solely upon my makeup.)

I thought: "What do you mean? Are you being prejudiced against green people?" What I said out loud was: "Actually? I'm a very good witch. What made you think anything about me could be bad?"

I really dislike it when someone adopts a religious belief then all of a sudden wants to assign judgments to the rest of the public -- or change the way we view the world (e.g., the way some Wiccans now protest the green witch as a false stereotype). In contrast to feeling offended by warts on witchy noses, I actually adore the old hag/scary image of witches. Just imagine being one yourself -- having such magical powers you could literally fly on your broom, talk to your black cat, and boil effective spells from a cauldron. Nobody would ever want to be cruel to upset you and you could seriously protect your family in ways others would think unimaginable.

I think the green hags of old are just seriously misunderstood. :D


Tish said...

I agree! Thanks for bringing me up to date with your blog space.

Companion Wulf said...

It's sad but you get that often. People stereotyping because they're either too fearful or too ignorant to understand what it's really about. I really like your Halloween getup! Sounds like you had fun in spite of that person's betise. We stayed in to watch the TAPS 7-hour live investigation. Tres cool!

Arawn Graalord said...

You'd be surprised, how many people think the world revolves around them. It does, of course, but others have the world revolving around them, and some even figure out, that there's more than one world.
I can't figure out, how to view the comments, without asking to post. I suppose I could ask, then back away, but it seems a tad kludgyish, sortofness.
Cof$ is having a promo, this weekend, with some hint, that they might be figuring out how to do their Group Processing. Noobs welcome, if you know any Scientologists.
I've been struggling to read Swedenborg's Heaven and Hell, and it doesn't seem the place to start. It feels like I blundered into the middle of a conversation, and have to conclude that Helen Keller could present a better vision, and spoke better on the subject.
Forest Moon Grove is dealling with Battle Fatigue, and I recently saw a TV show, on how bad that condition is, in our present conflict. It's always been a problem, but is now getting attention. It's probably why Mohammed had his followers bowing towards Solomon's Temple of Hokma. There's no cure for Homesickness, like a Flying Carpet.

Arawn Graalord

SunTiger said...

Corgimom/Tish ~ I wouldn't abandon you (or your blog visits) for the anything. :D

Wulf ~ Did you get any trick'or treaters?

Arawn ~ You "NEED" to post a regular reply to my blog entry (if that were NOT so, I'd tell you how to view the comments w/o posting). LOL. Thanks for stopping by again!

Companion Wulf said...

No, they dare not come trick-or-treating here. The manager is something of a "harridan" and has disallows it. (This is primarily because she thinks Halloween is an "unnecessary, unholy celebration". Yep, she's Christian, though doesn't enforce it upon us.)


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