Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Working With Spirits

If it were not for spirit communication -- I would not be able to work as a psychic online. As a naturally intuitive person I can read people's body language when working with someone in person. I can feel whatever emotion they're exuding and pick up on the heat they emit.

Yet for on-line readings -- or for telling some mournful lover what the object of their affection is feeling? I rely on Spirit Guide information. That's the truth of it. People love my readings because I can tell them things nobody else could possibly know -- but it's not ME seeing what's going on inside your lover's head. It's Spirit!

What motivates me? The customer thank you's. Just this morning I received a "thank you. he really did call me just when you said" message. It makes me feel happy and so I keep doing this work.

So -- while ghosts don't really look like the cartoon pictured above (image was borrowed from: http://www.icghosts.co.uk/Copy%20of%20ghosts.jpg) I readily admit that I work with Spirit Guides -- who help me, help my clients.
Richest blessings
~ SunTiger


Bobby said...

Hiya Buddy!!! Nice Webpage I must confess.

SunTiger said...

Hi Bobby! So good of you to find me here. {Glad you like the website.}


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