Monday, October 20, 2008

REAL House of Horrors: WA Child Molester Sentenced

Weldon Marc Gilbert was finally sentenced for the second time last week (how he was released from federal prison the first time? I don't know!). This cuddly-looking, millionaire (a Washington state pilot and UPS employee) made headlines for the malicious attacks he exerted on at least 20 boys, as young as 12-years-old. He videotaped much of it.

Unlike the way I served food to Gary Ridgway (of Green River Killer fame) who frequented the Shari's restaurant in Federal Way where I worked. . . I have two different (indirect) links to this new local pervert.

In the fall of 2007, when Gilbert was first taken to federal prison, a massage-client of mine worked as a security guard. Reportedly, my client walked Gilbert to his very first prison cell, after Gilbert had been arrested for four federal crimes, last November: three counts of sexual exploitation of a child in the production of child pornography and one count of transporting a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity.

My client said as he walked Gilbert, with his feet in shackles, my client and the other guards pretended Gilbert attacked them and slammed him against the wall so they could take the opportunity to rough him up as a "welcome to prison" gesture. Later, when Gilbert was in solitary confinement -- he complained about his food and insisted his curdled milk was outdated. The guard on watch offered to give him water to thin it down, if he wanted. {Big change for the millionaire treatment Gilbert was used to receiving!}

While Gilbert lives in the same luxurious Lake Tapps (Sumner, WA) neighborhood as a few of my local family members -- detectives referred to his home as a "house of horrors." There, they turned up dozens of child porn tapes, DVDs, CDs and floppy disks. Police also found sex toys, paddles, blindfolds and bondage implements.

Here's more details on Gilbert's creepy story:


betty said...

Ugh, I hope he's locked up and they threw away the key! We have a child molester living right here in our neighborhood. I think if they are let out of jail they should be sent to an island with other child molesters!

Anonymous said...

I knew the s.o.b. from the Tacoma Narrows Airport as he would fly in his helcopter to purchase fuel. He truely is a monster in sheeps clothing as I thought he was a nice guy..little did I know. A filthy, sick, extremely disturbed individual. I was horrified after seeing him on the news and knowing I had casual friendly contact with him due to my place of work. Freaked me out!

SunTiger said...

Hi Betty ~
I think child molesters should be fed to a pool of sharks. (Thank you for visiting!)

Anonymous ~
Any normal person gets perturbed by such wolves in sheep's clothing. Makes us realize not everyone we meet in the neighborhood is named Mr. Rogers. {Thank you for your comment.}


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