Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Costume In The Make

I seriously need a costume upgrade. Where's a lost and wandering parrot when my costume needs enhancing?

I went to a Faerie Ball in Tacoma last night and felt AMAZED by how incredible other people's costumes looked. One dude convincingly dressed up like a gargoyle. He looked so authentic and frightening, I actually hesitated about asking his name. Think of "Hellboy" and then turn that red-demon GRAY, add black wings and you've got the idea of what this dude looked like. (He only won "honorable mention" in the costume contest -- there were so many inspiring and creative outfits there going above and beyond).

Other favorite costumes included a female fawn, a wood nymph, a witch-doctor/shaman, and an array of Faerie folk with beautifully painted make-up. I feel so inspired by all the gorgeous outfits I saw. Now I cannot wait for my next chance to dress up!


Corgimom/Tish said...

I like the new site!
Our Witches Ball is Nov. 1st if you want to take a road trip for your next dress-up!

betty said...

I miss you at JS. :( Love your costume, it's really cute. :)

SunTiger said...

Corgimom ~ That would be QUITE a road trip. I'd have to invest in a better costume as well! (Thank you for finding me at the new e-location!)

LikeIsaid ~ Betty, you're a doll. At least you found me here!!! {Hugs.}


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