Friday, October 24, 2008

Life: A WhirlWind

My son Gregory is finally being allowed to come home permanently from the United States Air Force -- South Korea; honorable discharge. Pictured right is his military look. (I cannot wait until he can grow his hair back). Pictured left is an artistic rendition of him -- or rather of one of his online video personalities "I'm So Emo" (painting by Artist Civoksay).

Here's Greg's video that inspired the above painting:


Bobby said...

I'm growing my hair long after a 20 year short hair run...


Arawn Graalord said...

Let's see, if it's easier to post a reply in this blogger.verse than in JournalSpace.
What would I do, with unlimited funds? I'd work out, what kind of welcome I'd like, in future incarnations, and train a ballet to treat the poor and unpopular so.
Your own Wiccaire sounds like a good idea, since you're a reasonably mature and intelligent matron, who can provide guidance to the Maiden Wannabes, with their parental encouragement.
It looks like I may soon extend my hand to Christianity, and do some healling their, at the impetus of the goddess Europa, which might eventually allow me the travelling funds, to share Sangraal in your neck of the woods.
When your son is home from Stop-Loss (Crush Recruitment) I've some ideas for the healling of Economics, and may even have found the purpose of the Military Industrial Complex. We tend to think of it, as a conspiracy by which the rich get richer, but it also encourages the efforts of the poor to get children.
Ace of Cups Inverted? Change; Erosion; Instability; Sterylity; Unrequited love; Clouded joy; False heart; Inconsistency... What's he going to do, without a system to fight?


SunTiger said...

Bobby ~ I cannot WAIT to see updated pictures of your new due!

Arawn ~ I hope you do infilter the ranks of Christianity; hopefully you can get some people to begin thinking OUTSIDE their boxes. {Glad you found me here. It's MUCH easier for you to leave comments here. Isn't it!}

I see the current state of affairs as a welfare program for a select few among the most wealthy.

BigGirlLost said...

Hey SunTiger,
We miss you at JS!
Your son is adorable - okay maybe that's the wrong word, because he's probably older than me, but it's still true nonetheless.
Glad to hear you're doing well.


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