Friday, October 24, 2008

Hypnotherapy: No Hell

I'm in hypnotherapy classes all weekend (learning more about performing hypnotherapy for past life regression therapy). It's all fascinating stuff -- really makes me think more deeply about life and the human existence; in addition to what lies beyond this earthly body.

Interestingly, so many people who describe "between lives" (e.g., when they are living in spirit instead of in the human flesh) they feel so much peace and happiness in that form. There's never any mention of hell; not at all. :D

Below is just (well, ahem!) . . .


Anonymous said...

Hi SunTiger! It's Kashew from JS, thought I'd drop in and say hello. With this darn foot I can do NOTHING but sit on my butt and read. Hypnotherapy is fascinating.never been through it myself but have read many accounts. Will look forward to what you learn

Take care!

SunTiger said...

Hi Kashew! I'm so glad you found me here at blogspot. Hypnotherapy is very much like a guided meditation exercise except there are really clear goals set forth for the hypnotherapy session to work. It's very enlightening.

(You must be psychic -- with the way you knew I'd be blogging about it all). :D

Arawn Graalord said...

Freud learned Hypnotherapy, as a physician, but not everyone could be hypnotised, so he found a Talking Therapy, that still works.
I've been reading Light in my Darkness, by Helen Keller. It starts with an appology, for Swedenborg writing in a rather savage religious environment, and I understand some districts might still benefit from his offered advances. Heaven and Hell aren't so much places, but how we live there. I used to say, the Secret of Reincarnation is, "Life is Hell," but there's a bunch, in the world, who could find less to deal with.
Wisdom is the willingness to learn better; Hell is the insistance that we should.

SunTiger said...

Arawn ~
I always feel enlarged (creatively) when you leave comments on my blog. Thank you. I feel united with everything you wrote except for the statement "Wisdom is the willingness to learn better; Hell is the insistance that we should."

What is our life purpose except to learn? Hell, therefore, from my point of view, would be the end result from FAILURE to learn.


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