Monday, October 27, 2008

Woo Woo Hypnotherapy Stuff

After an intensive 3-days of studying hypnotherapy (Continuing Education) and past life regression my head feels so full of information I feel as though it's swollen.

While very young, the adults in my life taught me that all babies are born into sin - horribly SINFUL - needing saving by something outside of themselves. As I grew I realized that way of thinking did not mesh with how I felt (I certainly did not feel like I was bad or evil or filled with sin) and I began to believe all babies were completely innocent, like a blank chalk-board waiting to be written upon.

After this weekend of hypnotherapy continuing education, however, exploring the time between incarnations with classmates inducted into trance, I've learned that neither of the above two explanations of the nature of a baby's "innocence" are correct. As reincarnated souls, we bring our personalities and snippets of memory to this new incarnation with us. Having lived many lifetimes before we are not entirely innocent.

Below is a very powerful video and song that talks about reincarnation. I never really understood this Talking Heads message "Once In A LIfeTime" song as deeply as I understand it now.


Bobby said...

Sounds like it is very interesting...

Be careful.


SunTiger said...

You cannot IMAGINE how interesting it is. (Truly.) Thank you for stopping by Bobby. :D

Arawn Graalord said...

Are Children born into Sin? Largely, they haven't yet taken an interest in the areas of their dysinterest, and the Karma will tend to grow upon them, as they hit puberty. But those who'd lead a child to Sin, as with fear provoking moralities, it's better those Jesus Freaks had never been born.
I want to get a comprehensive program, into every kindergarten, where the kids would dance Eight Corners of Birth Community, and open up visions of other similar birth communities. A few score of each, of past life Mommies, Daddies, Sons, Daughters, Husbands, Wives, Sisters and Brothers, should actually have a healling influence on Birth Community, and parents own Childhood by Right of Creation, which is where kindergartens get their raw material.
Education tends to focus on efforts to solve the problems, rather than offering context, so it's going to be a hard sell.
I'm trying to redesign the Police Car, and it occurs to me, there might be a reason they still use the Lead Acid Batteries, when cars are starting to drive about on LiPo Power.
Anyhow, did I mention that I used to work, in the Ocean of Milk?

SunTiger said...

Hi Arawn ~
So nice of yu to come back once AGAIN. :D

I believe we can overcome the KARMA you mentioned. What a fascinating idea (about the "birth communities" exercise). The parents of said children would certainly need to be very open minded. Eh?

I'm trying to visualize the Ocean of Milk concept. I really like that for a fantasy story -- maybe you should write a child's book!


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