Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Beginnings

Today's image (http://mostlywanted.com/images/portfolio/book-2/newbeginnings.jpg) looks so utterly profound to me. I have been writing a fantasy book -- seemingly pulling ideas from the either -- and one of my characters gives birth to a baby that has a human head and an octopus-like body. So how weird is it that I found this picture depicting what I thought was utterly my own original material?

My best friend Faerheart and I were just talking about this phenomena yesterday. So often I tell her some new "message" I've received from Spirit and she says: "Oh! I was just reading about that!" {Tiger Gr-r-r-r-r-r-rowl. How am I supposed to create "original" anything?}

THAT BEING SAID (switching gears):
As of 6:05 a.m. this morning the moon went into Scorpio. That’s according to my 2008 Moon Sign Book – by Llewellyn -- which I refer to regularly for planting bulbs, fertilizing the yard and otherwise transplanting or adding compost to my yard and gardens. It’s also a new moon today – which means by tonight we will literally be “in the dark” without any observable glow from our gentle Moon.

According to folklore, tonight is the best time to stand outside and wish upon the moon for best results! {Use your most creative imagination while wishing!}

Something else I learned from the Moon Sign Book, If you happen to be a gardener – don’t forget that Aloe Vera does more than treat burns. It’s also antiseptic and can protect and soothe cuts as well. What’s more – Oak leaves are also effective in treating wounds (merely bruise the leaves and apply to the cut). Be observant – because if you’re like me, and you’re allergic to the mighty oak, you might want to avoid such a cure!


Corgimom said...

I'll be out there wishing tonight. Loved the image and the storyline (such as you've revealed).

SunTiger said...

Yay . . . (and, do tell, What are you wishing for???)

corgimom said...

An end to this lawsuit.
A hope for a spark in my heart beyond the flame burning for my son.
And a great and joyful Samhain!

SunTiger said...

the spark in your heart -- it's not for your partner??? (I do not FEEL as though you are having trouble with your rp,amtoc relationship -- but this "spark" desire is not clear as communicated).


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