Thursday, March 1, 2007

That's According To My Garden Faeries!

I know that "Faeries" are not a traditional belief for American people. Maybe that's why I married an Irish man; he UNDERSTANDS the way I talk to mythological beings, and why I pay homage to the faeries that bless my garden.
Truth is, I feel a special affinity to this photo (below):

I'm not sure WHO is the artist, but I found the above photo at

Art is such a powerful medium. I wish I could paint this well. I'm such a "rough" artist. I can create sayings on wood . . . do countrified-looking artwork. I'm a great cartoonist. I wish I could create such realistic-looking beauty like this!

This next photo is one I have on my wall at home: (You can find it at

This last fairie image is just plain fun.

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