Sunday, February 25, 2007

Drumming The Soul To WAKE UP ALREADY!

Last night, while leading the drum circle that I launched just a couple of months ago, I had this big "ah-ha" moment after one of the drummers (in the circle) said something that became a catalyst for my new way of thinking. The reason certain types of (what I would label "undesirable") people, such as 'freeloaders,' have been heavy on my mind, lately, as I've discussed such in this blog, is . . . I've not been living up to the truths that I really want to live by; which is my "live and let live" philosophy.

Psychologists might label my recent desire to want to scream at people: "EVOLVE ALREADY!" as a sign of co-dependency; referring to my need to want to help people 'grow' (as much as I also work so hard to grow and become a better person myself). It's not like that would be ENTIRELY true . . . but sometimes I do have an insatiable "need to MENTOR.' (Cough. I'm DONE with that now. Mmmmmmkay? Can we forget about it already?)

Truth is -- I've felt like I wanted to help strangers (who wrote in to the public e-boards asking for FREE services) by lecturing them about the need to HONOR people. Do you think any of them actually got my message? {Of course not.}

The truth is . . . it is not my RESPONSIBILITY to educate the masses; and the more I tried to say: "Hey, do YOU work for free?" The more I felt irritated and discontented myself.

The reality is? Folks who write into the e-boards at work to ask for free services are NOT looking for a lesson on karma, "what goes around, comes around," or any other array of common philosophies floating about the working circles of society.

Maybe I needed to write those replies just so the other psychics who worked WITH me could read them and feel a sense of comaraderie . . . who knows. Fact is . .. I'm not going to do that anymore.

I'm loading the following photo . . . because it depicts a much more fun way of approaching life. Instead of COMPLAINING . . . we should all look for a way to laugh.

Instead of me directing my concerns to someone who is never going to listen (e.g., instead of my friend who likes to lecture a chronic drunk we know about an AA group she heard about) it might be better to just make art about the topic. After all . . . a picture is louder than words . . . and every action is worth 1,000 words . . . or something like that.

~ SunTiger

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