Friday, March 2, 2007

Professional Feedback Aaaaaack

When I worked for corporate America, I always HATED the days when I would have to sit in my boss’s office and accept his version of my "work review." That's when I always received pretty positive feedback, overall, but ridiculous statements would also be made such as: "you are too task-oriented" or "production means more to you than kissing my ass!"

Okay . . . so I embellished a little on that last "quote." Those weren't the exact words my boss would actually USE but that's exactly what he meant and I always "FELT" that's exactly what was being put into my permanent file.

At least my bosses also wrote that I got along very well with my coworkers (thank gawd, or I’d have felt like a total and utter misfit by the other things about subordination they’d write).

Now that I'm providing on-line psychic readings, I'm getting reviewed every time I get a paying customer and that's just MUCH TOO OFTEN. Mmmmkay? And, like, most of the time the feedback is so very happy and in "awe" of me (so good I have to read the comment over and over and over just to feel vindicated and validated) but on very rare occasions (as when someone writes in asking for a spell to break up her love relationship -- and I suggested: "Is there any reason why you cannot break off this relationship in person, by yourself?") that's when the customer gets angry and leaves negative feedback.

At times like these I just want to be able to make a little side-note to such customer's comments about me (leave a retort on-line for the public to ALSO read). I’d love to admit: "this person was DRUNK when s/he wrote this feedback!" And that is why I am CERTAIN the networks do not allow experts to add comment to comment! {Are you laughing about the possibilities of such public dispute?}

Thank gawd for the gift of blogging! {It saves our emotional souls!}

The point I’m trying to make, is not EVERYONE who leaves feedback on-line is a good, honest and upstanding “boss.” Some people who write in to the public boards are extreme nut-cases who make me feel VERY glad that my home address is not made public. I'm serious! I have taken huge risks as a psychic.

I am also “regularly” putting my reputation on the line. For instance, I provided a full detailed reading for a lady in Chicago and declared that she's going to leave her 20-year-marriage and become a lesbian.

Do you think making THAT statement didn’t fill me with fear and trembling? In truth, my customer totally "got" everything I was saying as “truth” and her feedback said I was "AWESOME" and "utterly correct."

That's usually the way it goes . . .

Then I give a very quick and short answer to someone who is only paying $3.00 for her reading -- telling her she should CALL this man she's been pawning over and fantasizing about -- and he WILL begin to notice her/date her -- and she writes a negative review saying I completely WASTED HER MONEY by asking her to do something she's too "shy" to do.

Unfortunately, those who view my ratings have no idea how much a particular customer paid or what their original question was all about!

Backing up a minute: I have to admit that I learned something from that last bit of negative feedback. So with that 2-star rating that $3-girl left for me, I earned more "intelligence."
NEXT TIME, when I provide such a reading, I will also remember to ask my Spirit Guides if the customer will actually be willing to PERFORM the advice they are giving to me on her behalf (before I "send" it).

LIVE AND LEARN. I really want to read for EVERYBODY so I can continue to build my skill and KNOW when my readings are a hit or not. (Psychics who work online with PUBLIC feedback must learn VERY quickly, indeed).

Now let me side-step a minute and admit I love sitting at the computer in my jammies all morning until I feel so gross for looking like a bear instead of a human that I finally get a cup of coffee and admit I also need to shower before my husband comes home and mistakes me for Comedian Phyllis Diller (what ever happened to her, by the way?).

Doing psychic work on-line is super enjoyable and SUPER HARD at the same time. My Spirit Guides are having to travel all the way to Australia and so much communicating with the spirit world is very BRAIN ENLARGING for me. My head literally starts to hurt after a couple of hours so I take another break, or go outside to feed the chickens and collect their eggs or I empty the trash and pull a few weeds.

Back in the house again, and back on topic of "professional feedback" the most outrageous “feedback” comment (and subsequent “rating”) a customer ever left for me had to do with a dream interpretation I did.

This person had dreamed of a very dark skeletal energy that was coming at him/her with a maroon-colored cloth. The entity intended to smother my customer and in the struggle my customer declared s/he actually woke up but that very same heaviness (the entity) was REAL and now fully awake, my customer saw it wasn’t a skeleton but a darkly clothed creature and s/he continued to fight until this beast was defeated and left.

Psychically I saw things about this customer’s daily life and mean actions that concerned me – I knew the customer needed to acknowledge some dreadful things committed from the past for that “dream” to never come back again. (I don't feel comfortable sharing the details of my vision here but you get the gist of what I am saying.)

The feedback THAT customer left for me was I was "way off the mark" that this was a "PEACEFUL dream" and it was a message "from God to stop smoking" (and s/he knew the answer before ever hiring me for input.)

LET ME ADMIT that I KNOW nobody in their RIGHT MIND would interpret this client’s feedback as “legitimate” IF THEY KNEW WHAT THE DREAM HAD BEEN ABOUT. The problem is viewers don’t have access to the details of the psychic exchange. They only get to read the customer’s feedback (and that is all).

You know what the most amazing thing about this particular customer is? Immediately after leaving me such horrible marks in PUBLIC VIEW that very same customer tried to hire me AGAIN . . . using the exact same identity as before but this time posting as a female who was having marital problems! (And, “NO” I did NOT agree to work with this person again!)


Working as a psychic on-line is really teaching ME to NOT take OTHER people's feedback quite so personally because so often the feedback tells more about THEM than it does about the expert they are reviewing. Truth be told I have a really good rating on-line; and that’s even when my work at being a “computer psychic” is brand new [so I’m feeling super cool and happy with all of the feedback; if you want to know the truth.]

I am sure that some psychics might feel drawn to not do such legitimate work and feel lured to merely give only “good news” (to improve one’s on-line ratings) even when there’s a legitimate warning to be shared so the client can have a much better outcome in the long run. Perhaps more clients would like the psychic that way (in the short run; which is when they're 'voting' with their feedback).

I am learning SO MUCH about human nature from all the questions people post on the public boards and their feedback also educates me. I search other psychic profiles to “compare” what kind of feedback they are getting (see? I really AM anal sometimes) and know my ratings look pretty dang good.

Maybe this blog entry today will educate some legitimate consumer – help them be wiser while shopping for on-line work. That’s really my goal. Writing about the whole scenario also feels very therapeutic for me.

Peace and health, may you always receive the 5-star kind of feedback because you earned it!

~ SunTiger

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