Saturday, March 3, 2007

Government Use of Psychics

I've been reading a boring book (z-z-z-z-z-z) snap the head awake again -- called "Remote Viewing Secrets" by Joseph McMoneagle.

I do not recommend this paperback for light reading (it's pretty anal so don't sniff too hard right now or you'll get a bad taste in your nostrils).

I picked up the handbook to learn more about the U.S. Government's STARGATE project (a special intelligence effort to gather enemy secrets through the paranormal use of "mind-seeing," more commonly known as "remote viewing").

Here's a couple of things that I found to be of interest if not noteworthy:

  • Subjects (whom the military would select to use as psychic viewers) should have an altered view of the nature of the world: According to McMoneagle, this is a definite requirement for a soldier to be deemed "psychic." The person must first and foremost regard time and space as mere ILLUSIONS (otherwise they will be too closed-minded to understand remote viewing and how that phenomena works).
  • Subjects must believe THERE IS NO GOOD OR EVIL involved in remote viewing. "There may be yin and yang, constructive and destructive energies, but good or bad exist only within the mind." (If someone believes in evil -- they will be too afraid to explore psychically and that will inhibit their psychic abilities.)

    NOTE: As a practicing psychic myself, I’d like to remind my readers that the concept of "HELL" never existed for humanity before the Christian era, which began approximately 2,000 years ago. That's part of why it is so easy for me to disbelieve in the eternal torture chamber of fire (living on earth -- with all of its struggles is pain and suffering enough for me). Oops . . . gotta "focus on the positive" (erase, erase). Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.

HERE'S THE LIST OF ORIGINAL GUIDELINES THAT WERE USED TO HUNT DOWN THE ORIGINAL PSYCHICS USED IN THE STARGATE PROGRAM: Reportedly, these are "Indicators" that showed up against a common military background (psychics tend to "stand out" just a wee bit in military uniform. Do you think it's their tye-died pajamas that give them away?).

Remote Viewing Psychics Are:

1. Consistently successful whatever the task.

2. Liked by peers but considered different from the norm

3. Generally operates outside normal boundaries.

4. Willing to pursue new avenues of approach.

5. Open to whatever works.

6. Capable of critical thought and unafraid to voice an opinion.

7. Highly and uniquely creative.

According to McMoneagle, "Finding a psychic within a military structure is actually pretty easy. You look for someone who has repeatedly and consistently survived the impossible."

Naysayers who insist all "psychics are fakes" want to comment on this public blog? (I interviewed with a local newspaper reporter lately who insisted I must have ridiculers out there . . . my response, at the time, was, "Uh, no-o-o-o-o-o. Not really. If someone’s a critic they’re probably also very AFRAID of psychic ability. Nobody harasses me."

~ SunTiger

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