Thursday, March 8, 2007

Common Sayings Are Much Too Common

One thing about working as a psychic on-line is I get to "meet" ALL sorts of people and that means I am really having to broaden the way I think about things. For instance: A customer writes to ask "when will I win the lottery so I can quit work and live in luxury?"

My knee-jerk reaction?

It's the same ANY rational-thinking mind would say: "Uh, yeah. Right. Contact me AFTER you wake up from this fantasy of yours. And when this 'fortune fairy' shows up? Send her flying my way."

Fortunately I'm smart enough to actually "check-in" psychically and "connect" with my clients before I spout off some really stupid stereotypical response and I am often AMAZED by the information I "get."

In the above mentioned scenario, I actually "got" that this client will INDEED win money. It will happen while she gambles in-person at a local casino (not talking about some on-line gambling opportunity) and she's not going to win a mere few thousand dollars. We're talking BIG TIME earnings! She actually WILL be able to quit her job and it will happen within four months time!

Whenever I "get" psychic information like this I have to question so many of the "common sayings" that float around our world as if they were ultimate TRUTHS. Much too often -- sayings like "You get what you ask for" are simply NOT true. Not everyone who lives in poverty has cheated someone else and not every homeless person was just lazy or crazy in the head.

Here's a saying: "You are what you think."

Uh . . . I know a guy who thinks he's an airplane. He runs around with his arms spread straight out and he leans first one way and then the other as he turns corners while making motor-noises with his lips. Is he REALLY an airplane?

I've mentioned, before, that I really like the movie called "The Secret." It's very POWERFUL for getting folks out of negative thought patterns and THAT's very important when we are trying to get through difficult situations in life. The Secret teaches us that we can DRAW wealth, health, and emotional prosperity into our lives (and I buy into this concept to a large degree). I think there's a great deal of powerful validity to the message in that movie.

For instance, nobody wants to go visit some guy in dirty diapers who scowls and constantly complains "you don't come visit me enough" while he's living inside a stuffy rest home. If that same patient would change his mindset, however, and if his face lit up with a smile every time someone came to visit, he'd get visitors much more often (and his diapers would ALSO very likely be changed much more often).

We CAN change our reality to a significant degree just by the way we think about things -- but the more often that I provide "readings" for customers the more I'm realizing the many sayings we learn from 'old wive's tales,' from churches and from traditional counselors are not ALWAYS true.

Abuse in our life doesn't ALWAYS come about because we had a rough childhood and have now married someone who acts just like our parent. I'll admit there's a strong PATTERN for drawing that conclusion about someone but we do not live in a "ONE SHOE fits ALL feet" kind of life.

A customer (I'll call her "Susie") writes in to me wanting to know if "Pete" (a married man) is the best option for HER, romantically. I hate to admit that I still get a knee-jerk reaction to questions like that sometimes.

When people want to break up someone's marriage I always want to suggest "there are so many SINGLE fish in the sea; go find one!" Yet on closer psychic examination I often realize that poor Pete is utterly and completely miserable, trying to save his marriage to a woman who is cheating on him. Then I realize that my customer would be a much more satisfactory mate for Pete and if she would only call him -- he would be willing to hear messages of true love and acceptance for a very welcomed and deserved change.

When I also realize that Pete's current wife would be much happier with the love interest she is now pursuing -- I am able to respond to my client with a much more encouraging and open mind.

Let me admit something else here. My rational mind (and what I have been taught in this physical world) is so seldom correct when compared to the accuracy of my psychic mind. Life keeps teaching me to NOT ever be judgmental about someone's current predicament.

Here's another situation: I've had a client saying her name is "Betty" declare she wants to date Steve, is he interested? Rational mind would assume Jenny is female and Steve is male. What I get "psychically" is that Betty is actually a cross dresser/male and Steve would very much like that aspect of her 'personality.'

NOTHING in my rational mind could possibly have lead me to make that conclusion based on the email I received. After I admit to Betty what I am "getting" s/he leaves me positive feedback "you rock!"

If you get nothing else from this blog entry today -- realize that first impressions are NOT always what they seem. The more open-minded I am willing to remain -- the more fascinating my world becomes and the more accurate are my psychic depictions of what's happening for Melissa in Australia (and other clients like her from very distant lands). Always be willing to learn new things -- otherwise you cut yourself off (mentally) to very beautiful lessons that life might be able to teach you!

~ SunTiger

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