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You Possess Psychic Gifts/Or What Possesses YOU?

Yesterday, working at Kasamba was so tough with too many of us psychics standing around at the edge of the public e-board; waiting for customers to post a question so we could call out after them: “Hire me! I'm GIFTED. I can help!”

Seriously? After working all day and luring only ONE client, I began to feel like a low-budget street walker. {I had LOTS of company in that regard as other psychics were not getting work either.} You know ANOTHER thing that struck me as being similar between my job yesterday and the less-desirable trade I just mentioned? Psychics have unusual names like “SpiritWalker” and “DragonSlayer.” Thank goodness we don’t use names like “Baby-doll” and “Cee-cee” or I’d have to quit this profession.

Are you laughing WITH me?

Oh, OK, for enhancing the reputation of this profession I’m changing my analogy. Yesterday – I felt like a low-paid street MUSICIAN! {That’s probably a much better correlation; as you will observe as you read on!}

Something that’s become MORE than apparent to me, the longer I do on-line psychic readings {thank goodness for in-person clients who seem a little more educated} is MOST people who come asking for answers on the "public e-boards" really have no idea what psychic ability is about.

Too many people relate “psychic” to “all-knowing.” The truth is – “psychic” is an all-encompassing term! Getting back to that “musician” analogy: If I happen to play piano like a maestro, I’m considered to be a “musician” but that still doesn’t mean I know ONE BLASTED thing about strumming the guitar! A drummer (who is also a musician) may or may NOT be a vocalist.

It’s becoming more and more apparent to me that we psychics need to EDUCATE THE PUBLIC about their unique gifts -- and provide a description of such.

The need for this became all the more evident yesterday when a customer of mine called to schedule an appointment with me for March 1 – the date that All Things Good {the store where I’ll be doing readings} opens its doors. I had thanked my customer for calling because I had misplaced my cellular phone for a few hours and the ringing tone helped me to locate it.

“But you’re psychic!” my customer gasped heavily into her phone’s mouth piece. “Why didn’t you already know where your phone was?”

“Because my ‘honing devices’ have NEVER worked! I’m not at ALL gifted that way!” I admitted with a sincerity that made me remember this question has come up for me before. I mean, holey moley! I would not be able to find my pet DOGS if they didn’t follow me everywhere I go – all through the house! If I was "all knowing" I'd be playing the Lottery at key moments in time!

My admission of occasionally misplacing objects obviously troubled my client, however, so while I’ve got some explaining to do with HER – I thought I’d also educate all of my readers HERE.

Let me explain all of the different “INSTRUMENTS” or “GIFTS” that a particular psychic can master {and having ONE gift does NOT mean the psychic is also gifted in another -- just as one talent does not exclude the other!}:

AURA READING (seeing the energy field or “ethereal body” around a person, animal or plant’s physical form. (I’ve been TRYING to learn this skill – can see the white halo if I really work hard at it but this “gift” is very slow for me to develop and I still have not learned to see color). This gift of Aura Reading is very helpful for healers who perform energy work and/or who do energetic healing (as the aura reveals more than a dental exam what's going on with one's health).

CLAIRALIENCE (clear smelling) – This is where the psychic can SMELL ghosts or smell an odor from the spirit or ethereal realms. While it can be entertaining to smell some deceased person’s flatulence, for example, it’s not really that pleasant. I’ve smelled entities that reeked of alcohol and stale cigarettes. I have also smelled old urine from an adult’s dirty diaper when nobody else in the room could smell it (a Clairvoyant psychic who sat with me at the time explained that the entity had died in a rest-home from Alzheimer’s and he needed my help to pass on to the light). As A Claralient-Psychic I’ve also smelled very stale/heavy perfume on a woman who had passed and who stated she was waiting around for her husband to join her. Clairalience is most commonly experienced in places that have ghosts or are haunted..

Clairaudience (clear hearing) – This is a gift where the psychic can perceive metaphysical sounds or words from spiritual or ethereal realms. {I only experienced this kind of phenomena ONCE (and I blogged about it). It’s when I attended a meditation class about a month ago and heard metaphysical drumming music. When the teacher asked if anyone else also heard drumming (after I asked her: “Where did the drumming come from?) only THREE out of 30 meditators actually heard that same drumming with me!} . . . see TELEPATHY (which is a bit similar)

CLAIREMPATHY (clear emotion) – Here the psychic is often referred to as an “Empath.” This gift allows her/him to "feel" what someone else is feeling – to pick up the attitude, illness or emotions of another person {This particular gift can be a double-edged sword. As a child, growing up in ultra-conservative Christian home where psychic gifts were considered “of the devil” I was repeatedly punished for being “too sensitive.” Clairempathy is one of my STRONGEST gifts!}

CLAIRGUSTANCE (clear tasting) – Evidently some psychics can TASTE a substance without putting anything in their mouth and they can even perceive the essence of a substance from the ethereal realms that way. {My sister, of http://ALLTHINGSGOOD.journalspace.com fame, is very gifted this manner but it is DEFINITELY NOT my gift; thankfully. Who wants to taste something paranormal like dirty socks?}

CLAIRSCENTIENCE (clear sensation or feeling) - To perceive information by a "feeling within the whole body" without any outer stimulation. {Even I get this one very much confused with “Cairempathy.” They seem like the SAME gift to me – although maybe the distinction has to do more with the “shudders” we get when something sinister comes into a room).

CLARTANGENCY or "PSYCHOMETRY" (clear touching) - Some Psychics can handle an object or touch an area with the palms of their hands and gather information about that article or its owner. You've probably seen this type of Psychic working on the television show called "Psychic Detectives." Seriously? I have TRIED avoiding experiencing this gift but it comes quite naturally to my sister at http://allthingsgood.journalspace.com. Kelly’s able to handle this gift better than me {ever touch something and then feel HAUNTED by that energy? I typically feel something’s creepy BEFORE I touch it so when I'm out in public -- I keep my hands to MYSELF!}

CLAIRVOYANT (clear vision) - To see into an ethereal dimension without using physical eyes or stimulation. To reach into another vibration or frequency and visually perceive "within the mind's eye" something existing in that realm. This is NOT one of my stronger gifts. I have definitely seen a FEW entities but this phenomenon has only been very sporadic for me . The entities I’ve seen have either looked like a dark shadow (as with a cat figure who occasionally haunts my house – both my husband and I have seen his shadow -- that’s all we can see -- and this easy-to-care for pet has also knocked videos off our book shelves when he was NOT visible to me. Other entities I have seen looked to me like they were made out of water – each time these watery creatures appeared before me they were of normal size for either a dog or a man and they were very 3-dimensional but I could see THROUGH them and the edges of their form seemed wavy as though looking through a fish tank. A real good Clairvoyant would be able to see entities as REAL people and I believe s/he would see them MUCH MORE OFTEN than I see them. I hope to develop a stronger sense of mastery over this gift – it might help me KNOW when that dirty diaper is coming my way before I must smell it!

CHANNEL - A person who allows his/her body and mind to be used as a mechanism for etheric world intelligence to bring psychic information or healing energy to others. {I consider myself a channeler – as I receive messages from my Spirit Guides but they do not completely take over my body where I must LEAVE it. I know people go to a doctor, allow such experts to perform surgery while “under” and not at all aware of what’s happening to their body during surgery. Perhaps that’s the sort of thinking and sense of trust that medium-channelers have when they give up their bodies to channel. Again, I do NOT do that. As a Reiki Master, I channel healing energy that passes through my body like water through a hose. I merely “show up” and the Universal Life Force Energy does the healing on the patient's behalf.

PRECOGNITION is a form of extra-sensory perception where the psychic can foretell the future (receives information about future events before they happen).A related term, "presentiment," regards future events explained by emotions or feelings. According to WIKIPEDIA's definition, these two terms, Precognition and Presentiment, fit under the more general term clairvoyance.

PSYCHOKINESIS: Ever hear of someone who could bend a spoon with his mind? psychokinesis is that gift of the mind influencing matter (or energy) without utilizing any physical means. I definitely do NOT have this gift. I’ve tried so very hard to manipulate my husband’s pendulum when we are arguing about something (we often use the pendulum response as a mediator when we disagree). It NEVER works for me – I can never make his pendulum swing the way I want it to go! (Dang it!)

REMOTE VIEWING ~ The military studied these phenomena in a famous study called StarGate. Remote Viewing involves the "viewer" employing intuitive abilities to gather information on a distant object, place, or person, *or on an object that is hidden from the physical perception of the viewer. This is a technique used by people who practice being “psychic” with Zener cards! This is NOT the same as astral travel -- where someone leaves their body to "soul travel" to some other physical location. That's an entirely different psychic gift altogether!

TELEPATHY: paranormal acquisition of thoughts belonging to another person. Truly? To survive as an on-line psychic you have to be pretty good at this. Some really good psychics who get low ratings on Kasamba are actually talented empaths (they just get their information in ways that are not so readily conducive to reading messages ‘long distance’). I am telepathic SOMETIMES. It’s not like I walk around reading peoples thoughts – but on occasion, I have caught my sister or my husband thinking something and I called them on it (had them confirm my accuracy). This is also how I communicate with my Spirit Guides – and with ghosts.

Above I have mentioned just a FEW psychic gifts. Still to come – I’ll have to talk some day about pet psychics, Tarot card readers, astrologers and more. Finding lost objects is also a skill I've never mastered (I feel so bad for people who write to Kasamba asking for help finding their beloved lost pet. I WISH I could help them!)

Peace and health,

More to come (tomorrow)!

~ SunTiger

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