Monday, February 19, 2007

I am laughing to myself. Some bogus psychic posted her personal web address on the pubic board for Kasamba customers. Kasamba is a very effective business; good at promoting legitimate psychics (they have a star rating system there – where clients not only RATE the psychic for how satisfied they were after the reading but they can also write about the effectiveness of the feedback they received).

It’s a more detailed feedback system than sellers get on ebay!

Still, when the psychic-wannabe invaded established turf – she made a huge miscalculation by assuming she might gather new clients that way. In fact, she met all kinds of feedback from the other psychics; the kind that really shows how many different personalities are behind the psychic phone lines.

Seriously? Doing psychic work on-line has already taught me a LOT about human nature; mostly because of the outrageous questions that customers post on those public boards. Have you ever known someone who expected the rest of the world to work very hard to earn a living while they get everything for FREE? {Lots of people ask for FREE services on Kasamba; complaining they have no money but MUST know what a psychic has to say. You know the saying … you get what you pay for!}

BACK TO THE INVADER Just like a dangerous drone who invades a honey bee’s hive, the workers at Kasamba were all over that wannabe psychic’s posting faster than you can say: “Get Lost!”

Some professionals responded to the so-called “invader” with obvious rage (and their words PROVED their anger!). One other exclaimed: “Why doesn’t somebody DO something about this?” (that was an entry that caused me to wonder why the QUESTIONER didn’t “do something” about it herself???)
Then there were the psychics who threatened: “I’m telling Kasamba on you!”

I'm being SERIOUS! I began to feel as though I might be pushing my wares amidst a group of Kindergartners for a minute there.

In effort to stop such a public display of embarrassing behavior -- I happened along – (ME: the 40 something professional). Truth be told, I’m like rolled-over horse-manure when it comes to things like this happening at work?

I’ve endured the worst control-freak bosses and have been completely eaten, chewed up, digested, crapped out and rolled around on the ground a few times. Professionally speaking? I have even been kicked by OTHER horses who never ate me in the first place. {That's why I work for myself these days.}

I took one look at this bogus-lone-psychic who tried to enter Kasamba’s turf like she was a stray dog who didn'’t know what’s about to bite her (when she invaded the turf of so many hard-working professionals). Here’s the reply I sent to her:

From: SunTiger Date: 2/18/2007 10:01:16 PM

Dear Adriana ~
How very unethical and sad is your posting here on the Kasamba public boards? What legitimate customer would WANT to get a reading from someone like you who works in such an underhanded manner?

You not only posted your business propaganda on a "public service" board, but this posting site is meant for our valuable customers who are honorable seekers of TRUTH (not deviance)!

Adriana, I went to your web site and noticed that YOU HAVE NO STAR RATING SYSTEM! You have no CUSTOMER FEEDBACK option either (so customers who might otherwise want to solicit your wares are going to be completely in the dark as to how effective your readings might actually be).

Really? If you have been in business for 20 years, as your web-site
claims, why is it that you must prove yourself so very unethical by trying to steal other LEGITIMATE psychic's clients?

Your "readings" are so out of sync, you didn't even have a clue as to
how badly this would reflect on your reputation!

Poor, poor dear! Those of us here at Kasamba will either pray or light candles for the healing of your soul.

Blessed be!
~ SunTiger

In all truthfulness, I’m very sad for this woman to whom I wrote such a scathing letter. She obviously is feeling so powerless -- her insecurity motivated her to tread into the turf of bigger dogs to try to catch the breadcrumbs that fall under the master’s table.

The trouble is – there are already more than 200 psychics on-line at Kasamba. We are all struggling so hard to win that ONE customer . . . we just REALLY do not want to share with outsiders!

Drawn is the Knight of Pentacles. Here you have him sitting on a stocky brown horse. On a divinatory level, when the Knight of Pentacles appears in a spread it is time for the individual (meaning: our invading psychic-wannabe) to develop that dimension of the personality which is comfortably and firmly anchored in the ordinary tasks of living.

Oh that we would ALL pursue our true authentic purpose (instead of trying to force ourselves into careers and lifestyles that are not most optimal for us)!

May YOU, dear reader, find work that is most satisfying to your soul!
Peace and health,

~ SunTiger

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