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Talking To An Inanimate Head

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Yesterday I met someone who seemed just a little too open-minded for me and I'm not talking about the dismembered head I was asked to meditate with.

This admission might seem VERY strange for faithful readers of my blog ( There my readers are familiar with how often I rant about disliking religions that have way too strict of dogma (doctrines so rigid that the followers feel separate from the rest of the world, suspecting everyone not of their church is ‘evil.’).

Yet truthfully? Yesterday reminded me how easy it would be for ME to do EXACTLY what I dislike in others; and not remain open-minded or able to contemplate bigger spiritual possibilities.

Yesterday, a woman invited me to mediate with a hunk of artwork; a hand-carved skull.

Let me back up a sec: while I thoroughly enjoy art, because good art moves the soul, I also believe that inanimate objects CAN have enormous amounts of positive energy in them. Take Stonehenge, for example (where people travel long distance just to stand amidst the boulders for worship and to perform ritual). I also love traveling to big cities, like Seattle, to feel the energy there, where the history can penetrate our essence and make us feel closer to those who lived there before.

Yesterday, however, after I was encouraged to go “meditate with Max” (the ‘ancient’ crystal skull that is a ‘wonder of the world’) my heart filled with glee over the concept talking to this inanimate head.

It would “only cost $50” to sit with Max for half-an-hour. That's what the store clerk advised me AND, as an added bonus to the meditation, she said I would also be allowed to TOUCH 'Max the crystal!'

I've got to say that I whole-heartedly support any-religion that gives people some sort of idea about where they fit inside this great Universe. I also LOVE working with crystals (as I have done in my massage therapy practice) and while I didn’t feel a personal need to sit with Max – I continued to feel incredibly curious about why other folks were willing to plunk down half-a-Benjamin Franklin to do just that!

Accepting the idea that this could POSSIBLY be a wondrous thing, I wanted to know what such an experience would feel like. So I asked a very attractive (50-something) woman, who had just came from her session with Max: “How did it go? Did you feel like you got your money’s worth?”

I knew that if she said it was utterly and totally earth-moving, that I would plunk down my own $50. (Just to experience it.)

“Well, it was good for Me-e-e-e-e-e, but that’s only because I’m psychic!” the woman said very pompously, revealing to me that if she was so incredibly special with all of her paranormal gifts – nobody else (who is average) would be able to glean as much pleasure from the mediation that she herself received.

Hmmmmm . . . “YOU’re psychic?” I thought to myself, feeling VERY amused and thankful for the answer that convinced me I should just WALK AWAY-y-y-y-y-y slowly.

I decided THEN that the Max hoopla was not all it was cracked up to be. I’d save my $50 for buying something I really needed . . . like more books on astrology.

The truth is, many of us want to know where we came from and where we are going. Are we immortal? Science doesn't have ALL of the answers, and while most scientists work feverishly to provide evidence about our origins {as do the mystics} and to explain where we might be going -- there are some naysayers in the same scientific communities who want to convince the world we are all nothing more than a gnat -- here today and gone tomorrow -- end of story.

I relate (emotionally) to what Art Bell describes in his web site: ( I feel amazed that these words came from HIS desk; and not from mine.
Since the dawn of time, mankind has yearned
to understand its place in the universe;
always striving to uncover truth from mystery,
and closure to age-old questions. Are we alone
in this cosmic arena? Or is the sea of space,
in its mind-boggling expanse, void of any others
like us? It is hard to comprehend the mindset of
those who discount these possibilities.

In a universe where there are billions of stars, and
billions of planets revolving around them, it is
ignorant to think that we are the only ones here.
~ Art Bell

My question to the masses: is why are we not ALL continually striving to uncover the mystery of life? I feel so amazed whenever I talk to people who really don’t care to question where they might be going after their earth-body dies.

Some admit they are content just to know what mechanical device they will purchase next; so in two years they can add it to their junk-pile of outdated electronics.

The immortality of the soul: THAT is why I’m so thankful to get psychic messages – to have customers confirm that the messages I relate to them are accurate – because all of this proves to me how connected we all are as human beings.

There is so much more wisdom out there for us to explore – so many greater truths for scientists to unearth -- so many mountains of spiritual learning for us yet to climb.

May we NEVER grow tired of learning.May we always grow from the lessons that come our way.May we see spirit in EVERY living person – and realize it’s better to honor the life force in PEOPLE even more than the energy we find in precious stones, such as diamonds or crystals, {may we always CELEBRATE LIFE!}.

Peace, love, and forever searching,
~ SunTiger

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