Friday, February 16, 2007

Psychic Ability: Fact or Fiction?

Two weeks ago, I went to see a numerologist, who is also a psychic. He said I’d be doing enormous amounts of travel this year. He was throwing out names like Paris, the Caribbean, and some other location with palm trees. He also mentioned a super-duper-extra-large cruise ship (where I'd be traveling first class, despite my restrictive budget, no doubt).

Holy Camolie! I sure hope he's right. I want his reading to be accurate so badly. I mean, I can totally see myself resting in a hammock while sipping on pina-coladas and getting massaged for hours by very strong Islander-massage therapists; where behind us the hula dancers will be swatting flies with their hips!

I WANT to believe this numerologist/psychic -- so that means I am not being a very legitimate critic about whether or not his reading skills are very accurate. What's more, I'm a pscychic myself and I've got to tell you -- I am not "getting" that any of the trip information he shared with me was going to come true (dang it!).

For the first time in my life, I've got to admit, I seriously hope I am WRONG, wrong, wrong!

All-in-all, It was worth the money I paid him just to FANTASIZE about going to Paris in "November" (as he predicted).

Hypothetically, just as there are "fake" psychics out there, there could also be public naysayers who are unduly MOTIVATED to discredit psychic phenomena.

Some naysayers may want to discredit psychic ability merely because such ideas conflict with their rigid religious belief systems. Others might have paid for a psychic reading and when it became clear they had clandestinely and purposefully HARMED someone, they might suddenly fear having their dark secrets exposed. That sort of deviant person would certainly have incentive for attacking a psychic’s reputation!

Fortunately, such motivated naysayers are far and few between! Most people who consume psychic readings do so because they know the feedback they receive will utterly feed their soul and provide them with emotional comfort and peace.

I really like the on-line psychic sites that offer a customer feedback system (e.g., a comment section just like they have here for bloggers) where feedback gets posted about the psychic reading customers received, the psychic has no way to remove it. (So you KNOW the feedback is legit.)

I also like to see the 5-star rating system for psychics -- which makes it obvious which psychics are really top notch (and which ones are NOT)!

Peace and health,

May your psychic readings alays feed your soul!

~ SunTiger

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