Thursday, February 22, 2007

Psychic ?Trailor for Sale or Rent?

I cannot believe how many people keep trying to get psychic feedback for FREE. It’s like folks assume people who are paranormally gifted don’t NEED money to pay the rent!
For some reason, that song, “King of the Road” keeps playing over and over in my head. That song is where a transient individual pays for his room by pushing the broom for 3 hours in a day. The lyrics go something like this: “No phone, no food, no pets, aint got no cigarettes . . . . I smoke old stogeys I have found, short but not to big around, I’m a man of means by no means: King of the Road.”
GETTING BACK TO ASKING SOMEONE TO WORK FOR FREEPeople who ask for free services do not VALUE the service they receive and they further dishonor the experts by expecting them to live on ZERO income. Kasamba is a BUSINESS (where many psychics try to eek out enough money to feed the wild birds that visit their back yards).
THE PUBLIC BOARD, ON KASAMBA, IS WHERE THIS ABUSE OF NOT WANTING TO PAY FOR SERVICES IS MOST EVIDENT: At Kasamba, when a customer posts a question on the public boards they get feedback from all of the different psychics who are standing around e-waiting (the goal is for each psychic to call out to such clients and tell them how they will go about answering their questions.
While I’ve gotten a handful of legitimate clients that way – it’s involved many hours of working hard without any good results (I keep trying though, seriously, I’m addicted to this work!)
When I respond to the public boards, I like to ask clients to refer to Kasamba’s star rating system which is available as proof of expertise on each of the psychic profile pages {so the client can feel like the professional they choose is ‘legitimate.’ They may also read comments left there by other customers and the psychic expert on Kasamba has no way to control the information that gets posted about him/her. So a really bad comment can be left – and if the customer was drunk when s/he wrote such statements you can be sure the feedback reads in a very entertaining manner).
Lately I’ve been giving people (who post on the public boards) enough information to let them know I was legitimately “reading them” but not enough feedback to really answer their question – because, after all, I want them to PAY me.
For example, a girl (let’s say her name is “Isabelle) posts a question on the public board asking whether or not she should stay with her boyfriend of 2 years. SHE wants to get married while her boyfriend Paul has been resistant to that type of a commitment.
I respond to Isabelle’s post and explain that I know how anxious she is feeling and how much she wants to have some clarity on this topic. It’s very difficult to be at a place of indecision. I admit that I can see Isabelle, metaphysically, and she has blond hair and blue eyes. “Hire me and I will tell you the forecast for your relationship.”
It turns out that Isabelle does have blond hair and blue eyes but does she hire me? NO! She writes back asking: “So, tell me, should we stay together? Give me a hint!”
I write back: “I would love to share the details, hire me and I will provide the kind of answers that resonate with you on a cellular level as TRUTH. Please refer to my profile and read feedback from my other customers, so you know how satisfied they have all been.”
What does Isabelle do? She REMOVES her question/hires NOBODY.
This scenario plays out AGAIN and again and AGAIN . . . and that’s how I have been spending my days (waiting for March first when the store "All Things Good" opens and then I can do in person readings once more).
HERE’S A TIP ON HOW YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR PSYCHIC SKILLSWhile I was typing this blog entry, my cellular phone rang. I got up to go fetch it and tried to figure out WHO was calling (before I checked the caller I.D.). YOU should try doing this . . . you might be amazed at how ACCURATE you are about “knowing.”
What I do is “check in” with my feelings and ask: “Who do I FEEL is calling me?”
My husband and I have both been practicing this for a while. So I asked him: “Who do you think is calling? I’m 100% certain it’s one of my three kids. I think it’s Joanna.” {Let's back up a minute, in addition to my children, I have two step-sons, a daughter-in-law and a son-in-law/not to mention six siblings, four in-law siblings, living parents . . . it could be ANY of a number of people who would be calling.}
Doug “checks-in” to see how he is feeling (I still have not found my ringing cell phone yet). He says: “It IS Joanna.”
I get to my phone – IT’S JOANNA!
Now here’s something you need to know if you are going to PRACTICE this skill of “knowing” who is calling you. There will be times when you simply do NOT know who is calling. During THOSE times, you can be pretty sure it’s a sales call – or a phone call from somebody you are completely NOT emotionally connected to. {You didn't know because you did not know the caller well enough to have a psychic connection.}
If the call is coming from someone you LOVE – you should begin to be able to know who is calling with accuracy after just practicing this “guess who is calling” game for a month or two.
The more you practice at this . . . the stronger your psychic abilities will get!
Peace and health, and may you always honor those who serve you with some kind of return gift, as WHEN we give, we also receive!
~ SunTiger

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