Friday, February 23, 2007

Want to Feel Beautiful? WATCH THIS!

Want to Feel Beautiful? WATCH THIS!
All you ladies out there who have been comparing yourself to the images in magazines . . . PLEASE WATCH THIS! THIS short video IS WORTH YOUR TIME! {I'm psychic, I know! LOL)


I enjoyed dialoging about “freeloaders” yesterday {people who want something for nothing – and who make the ‘rounds trying to get the most generous sort to expend themselves on the selfish loafer's behalf.} Most good and generous people have the freeloader figured out by the time they have loaned them $300 and never got paid back.

With all that was discussed yesterday, I’m now going to admit there are many TIMES when I give mystic feedback away for FREE {try not to reach out to the “freeloaders” though because those sayings: “what goes around, comes around” and “you DRAW what you send out” both speak VOLUMES to me.

For instance – when someone is grieving over a kitten that suddenly died without warning – and she makes a post on the psychic public board asking: “Can anyone tell me WHY?”

I answer for FREE.

I know the woman’s in grief. She loved her pet and I just want to offer her comfort as quickly as possible.

In this particular scenario, I wrote to the woman to express my condolences, advised her that the kitten’s death was unavoidable (I “got” it died from a brain aneurism). She had given that feline the best possible life (even though short lived) and the kitten did NOT suffer. I urged the woman to please adopt another kitty from the Humane Society as so many loved ones are just LONGING for a decent home.

THAT woman was not a freeloader. She was someone needing comfort. Her kind heart radiated in the short question she presented and that “what goes around – comes around” philosophy really kicked in for me. I love helping out a sister in time of emotional need.

People can “sense it” when you are kind and lovable. We can all sense it when a freeloader approaches (the person radiates an energy that makes others recoil).

Now I may just be spouting OPINION here, but I keep feeling like there is GOING to be a day when EVERYBODY has the ability to know when they are being lied to or cheated. I believe the ability to read people is getting stronger in our community at large.

Some folks can read auras (that energetic/spiritual body that surrounds your physical one). And just being able to read the color in auras proves a LOT about a person! A very dark aura means the person has been up to harm and no good!
All the lighter color auras have their particular meanings as well; addresses spiritual gifts and the person's natural born talents. Even psychic ability can be seen from the aura (I've been told I have a big halo of gold.) We’ll have to write about those chakra colors and aura details on some future date.

For now – I just want to say – all the mean people in the world better be wary. Sooner or later the rest of us are going to see you and all of your trouble coming from a mile a way. More and more of us are going to be able to read your mind.

To the rest of us? Now that which is hidden will come into the light – and the world will be a much better place for those who work and act with integrity and honesty.

~ SunTiger

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