Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ever Have Those Strong Spiritual Yearnings?

I have often been criticized by well-meaning people for constantly pursuing new interests but in truth, emotionally, I could not help myself. On a deep and soul level I have often felt OVERWHELMED with the desire to study some new topic or other and these promptings would come with such a powerful sense of urgency I could not refuse them.

So while I've mastered Reiki, massage therapy, hypnotherapy, and Pallomancy (any of a number of divination methods such as the Nordic Runes, Tarot, and meditative trance) I've also felt driven to volunteer in a few different community ventures which have given me experience with gardening and emergency response efforts. Beyond that? Writing stories has been something I've felt ridiculously passionate about since a very little girl and I've often earned my salary as a writer/editor (writing about a wide variety of topics and studies).

Meanwhile - figuring out how to combine all my academic credentials, spiritual quests and work experience and organize all that into one tidy package for earning an single income has NOT been a path that I've ever seen traveled down before. So I admit it. Sometimes I have wondered: "Where am I going with all of this?"

Well? Now it's all happening! As of today, I'm getting to put nearly all my talents to use IN ONE PLACE!

First? I went to an interview today and after doing an on-the-spot Rune casting/psychic reading, the store owner decided I was qualified to present my wares from inside her shop so I'm now working at Crescent Moon Gifts as the "psychic," every Monday, from noon until 6 p.m..

Then? This Saturday, I'll be offering chair massage all day for the spring celebration that same store is sponsoring. Then? I'll be presenting these fabulous classes/events for customers who sign up for them:

* Tues., May 17, 7-9pm Tribal Healing Ceremony, $10
* Tues., May 24, 6-8pm Pallomancy Class (pendulum divination) $10
* Sat. June 11, 10 a.m.-noon Shamanic Journey, $15

Beyond all of that ... we're talking about other courses I'm qualified to teach. I have no doubt that all these new experiences will give me new for fodder for writing and I know a few magazines that are now calling for submissions. Life just keeps getting BETTER and better! *I will continue working for myself in all these ventures and I will continue providing intuitive readings via the Internet and through my website, SunTigerMOJO.com.

Point of this posting? When you feel a strong yearning to do something - even if it doesn't make sense to you at the time - ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR HEART.

Love and light,
~ SunTiger


AuroraDancer said...

Wonderful! Too bad I am a sea away or I'd drop by!

Fijufic said...

I think everyone should follow their heart...Congrats Sun!!

SunTiger said...

AuroraDancer ~ Ah. We'd have so much FUN! Whoot.

Fijufic ~ ALWAYS follow your heart, m'luv. {Hugs}

SunTiger said...

(Thought I replied to this a while back but it's not showing).

Thank you both ... wish you were here and could drop by!


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