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In the few years that I've been providing psychic readings on-line (i.e., had complete strangers use a pseudonym to hire me for a reading when I often don't consciously know so much as that person's gender)  I've had to learn that EVERY SINGLE LITTLE WORD I TYPE IN REPLY NEEDS TO MEAN EXACTLY WHAT IS INTENDED. In English, two words that are very similar can mean minutely different things alone, but using either in a larger sentence can make the disparity in meaning grow.

(This need for every word to be highly accurate is probably the most difficult aspect of providing readings through email.) 

EXAMPLE: "Thankful" verses "Happy"
I was contacted by a client who fell. She wanted to know if she needed an x-ray or not. It was very clear to me she definitely needed one (and I asked "why has your doctor not ordered it already?"). I made it very clear she should get the x-ray but instead of writing "you'll be thankful for the results of the x-ray" (because it would explain why she was in pain) I wrote "you will be happy with the results of the x-ray." Obviously that last sentence relays a different message than what was fully intended.

The difficulty (for the psychic) is that providing a reading requires my brain be in MEDITATION MODE. In stark contrast, writing down what that reading uncovered requires my mind be fully conscious in LOGICAL MODE. (Trust me: It's a very big mental workout!)
Meanwhile, experience shows:  tiny details written in an e-reading can obviously change whether a client interprets a psychic message as being fully accurate or not. (I'm so very glad the above mentioned client interpreted her reading if full context of what was written. She understands how intuitive ability works.)

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