Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is Zeus (God of The Lightening Bolt) Telling Us Something?

My son forwarded a link to the following video which was shot down near Monroe, Ohio (USA) today. Here a very large statue of Jesus was struck by lightening and local church goers are calling the resultant flames an "Act of God." 

If that be so ... (and God did this) then I'd have to beg the question: "WHICH GOD?" ... would Zeus not be the most likely culprit?

Then there's the Biblical saying about not making any graven image ... and I have to be careful here because I wear a great deal of jewelry and with the way weather's been behaving so crazily around here ... well, let's just say I don't want to jinx myself. 

Then again ... there's another saying in the Bible about not building one's house upon the sand. It's amazing folks in Ohio didn't correlate that to "thou shalt not build thy statue upon lightening rods" -- since all that seems to be left of this statue are the metal rods they used to frame it.

* I'm so thankful:

  • nobody was hurt, regardless of the obvious financial loss involved
  • the church itself was left standing (amazingly)
  • the bulk of the damage was obviously superficial

More crazy weather is coming. Everyone be safe out there!
Find every opportunity to laugh!

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