Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Mabon! Tuesday. September 22, 2009

For those who have no idea what "Mabon" is, see http://cybercoven.blogspot.com/.

What I'm Thinking About Right Now:
Ever notice how many sounds we completely ignore on any given day? We tend to ignore the clicking of the register, the hum of the refrigerator, the ticking of an old-fashioned clock. Yet when I zone in to actually hear the clock's ticking I am catapulted back into memories from my childhood.

I stand in my grandmother's bedroom. I can smell the clean scent of heavy quilts. I see her overstuffed mattress and the vintage dresser where she kept her wind-up alarm clock.

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.

How will you and I utilize the seconds of our day today?


Anonymous said...

I've a build in Burning Life, a special event of Second Life, sometimes known as Burning Lag, of Second Laugh. This year's theme for Burning Man was Evolution, The Tangled Bank, which struck me as being a bit political, for an artistic liberation, so I'm putting something of the power of The Holy Grail on top of a Sumerian Temple, which'll have an accounting room in the middle, and a brothel in the bottom.

The Bull Headed Lyre of Ur was buried, with a prodigious sacrifice of funerary companions, about the mid 26th Century, and there's thought, since each was in possession of a cup, that they'd taken Poison but, if the Bull Headed Lyre was aware, as a graven image, then it was buried alive, and it's likely the other companions were too, and the thought that they might have taken Poison was just somebody's wishful thinking. Every person, if respectfully buried, would be provided with a cup, in the hereafter, so they could take the Dusty Road, and wouldn't hang about the City as Undead.

The cups used, were much closer to the popular images of The Holy Grail, than the actual Holy Grail had been, so the Funerary Cups of Ur, the same style of Cauldron, Sangraal, might provide a foundation, for any seeking The Grail, but could also be used as a powerful ministry unto the Drunkards and Whores.

Use of the word Whore, by the way, is questionable. Copulant Ministers had served well before ZiuSudra's establishment of Sumer, and Whoring is a specific religion. The word Prostitute is right out, as it's really a proffessional derogation, more appropriate to lawyers, and you might find me refering, on occassion, to that Nicaean Prostitution.

C. Leonard Woolley makes comment, that all the temple women of Sumeria were Whores but, didn't provide what evidence he was basing this on. Were they said to be Whores, the way all College Girls' Dormatories are said to be Brothels or, had they all a religious desire to serve in the place of Ishtar the Har? Harlotry we see in the Warm Sunny Isle of Cyprus, as a graduation requirement, but the Devadasi have suffered by association, when their sexual obligations were really defined by the Gods of the individual temples, as that of the Nuns are defined by Saint Paul, the Euniche Lawyer of Tarsus.

Arawn Graalrd

SunTiger said...

I never thought of the undead as feeling physical thirst, Arawn. Interesting thought (thank you for that very compelling visual image).

So, tell me, how did you get from my topic of hearing an old wind-up clock in my grandmother's bedroom to the subject of whoring? {{Do tell.}}


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