Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ever See A Plant This Gorgeous???

I'mwilling to venture that you have never seen this purple plant with white berries before. That's because it's actually two herbs dancing together in my back yard (or perhaps I should say "overgrowing" together).

The berries are from a Washington native: Snowberry. Native Americans used to employ these little edible white gems for shampoo. They even taste like soap (so are not very pallatable).

The purple flowers belong to Russian Sage. I love observing this very aromatic herb grow so abundantly along my fenced-in-strawberry patch. The bees LOVED the sage flowers as well!

{Click on photo to enlarge it}

IN OTHER NEWS: I'll be teaching "Pendulum Dowsing & Divination" at 3 p.m., October 25th, at the Crescent Moon Gifts store in Tacoma. {Cannot wait!}


clairedulalune said...

How beautiful and have a great time at the Cresent moon gift store!

Æshe said...

I have given you a blog award!

SunTiger said...

Clairedulalune ~ Thank you for your kind sentiments. :D

Æshe ~ Wow. I'm definitely flattered. Thank you!

Panademona said...

These are two of my favorite plants. I remember childhood days of washing hands with snowberries with my cousin. Sage on the other hand became a very special herb to me after listening to a native storyteller. I have often used it for smudging. :-)

SunTiger said...

I have never tried washing my hands with snowberry . . . bet it would work though with its reputation for being very sudsy.


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