Friday, August 7, 2009

white light entering through the crown

All matter is energy ~ Einstein
Energy cannot be destroyed ~ Science {A comforting thought when you consider what happens to our souls after death.}

I'd be willing to wager that some homosexuals hate seeing rainbow decals used as a symbol for diversity in sexual orientation. Yet growing tired over repeated exposure to something (e.g., to a rainbow sticker) will never diminish the magnificence that such phenomena has when it appears naturally as that great color spectrum arching across the sky.

Similarly -- I often grow tired of the seemingly superficial "wows" that escape so many uninformed lips when such individuals have merely scratched the surface of chakra and color reality. My boredom evolves from some teachings that are so far from the most magnificent truth of such incredible phenomena that they lack any power.

Scientifically we know that every color vibrates at its own unique wavelength. That's how we humans discern color: our human brains work like receiving antennas that are able to interpret the various vibrations and convert those into shades of vibrant tone and hue.

MEANWHILE: There are many colors that vibrate outside our realm of human reception. (Just ask any broadcast major: many more colors exist than what we know, commonly). Because we do not visually see these colors with the naked eye -- it does NOT in any way negate the reality that those unfamiliar colors exist. We simply do not pick up on them without additional equipment.

At the same time . . . that is exactly how I would explain paranormal phenomena. Some of us are able to pick up more vibrations/frequencies than others, naturally, and that is what being "gifted" is all about. Thankfully, science has begun to stop acting like an ultra-conservative and close-minded religion and is now starting to explore such phenomena in a more scientific manner. (There are so many exciting truths we have yet to learn.)

While a puppy, my little dachshund, Freya, would occasionally feel very nervous in spite of how seemingly still things seemed at home. She would find a corner where she would sit and shakes violently. Whenever that happened, I would get her bright red baby-blanket and would wrap it around her. The shaking would always stop immediately. My assumption on why the red blanket helped is that red correlates with the root chakra: which regards our feeling safe and secure.

There are MANY ways to use color for health. If you've gone through a break-up or suffered a great loss: wear green (the color of the heart chakra). To give yourself confidence in speaking in public? Wear sky-blue (the throat chakra color). Many ascended masters have employed white as a color to enhance their spiritual perception . . .

Try it! Visualize a great white light entering your body through the crown of your head.


greeneyes67 said...

Yes, those rainbow stickers are pretty annoying! lol

Anonymous said...

I was looking up the Pineal Gland, this morning. I'd previously heard it looks like a pine cone, but it seems more the shape of a pea. It's a light gathering organ, though to regulate memories to the body, since it has no source of light, it's the third eye.

The Psyche, named for a Princess Butterfly, might be looked upon, by the "Other Physiological" Intellects, as the center of Awareness and Decision, the god office of the body. Princess Psyche is deified for demonstrating that a mortal could be accepted amongst the Gods. She earned Deification by her personal love of Zeus Cupisceid, so we should be suspicious of those who try to tell us, that Sex is purely a bodily function.

You're a Journalist, aren't you? Journal simply means Diary, and a newspaper might be seen as the diary of a community, but Web-Logs have a capacity of personal publication. Think of it as that part of your personal diary, that doesn't have to be personal.

Anyone can publish, in a Web-Log but, what is the place of that publication? When Radio came in, newspapers no longer had the market for their Extra Editions; compare this to the last Yule Tide Evening, before the Martyrdom of the Innocents, when King Herod asked, "What happened one year ago, today?" (Then he asked, "And did those wise guys ever get back to us?)

I found a girl in Second Life, approaching college from a position of her father having lost his job, and a good education can he had by abetting the good education of others, but the sexuality of her Profile indicates a sexuality consistent with the Morés of Summerhill, and it might be a good target, in her dowry of education, that she teaches a couple years there, by the time she's 25 and single. It might be a good idea, if she learns a bit of Journalism from you, but the root of her curriculum should be in the poesis of Dance.

Arawn Graalrd

SunTiger said...

Greeneyes67 ~ It's all about perspective; I suppose. I certainly appreciate diversity. Shopping would be pretty boring if EVERYTHING were the same.

Arawn ~ Your take on the Pineal gland is very different from anything I've ever learned. I always affiliated it with producing melatonin (the happy hormone) and affecting the gonads? Meanwhile, I also understand it's located at the posterior forebrain (would the third eye not be at the anterior forebrain?)

Anonymous said...

Melatonin is the go-to-sleep hormone, which seems to demand Tryptophan-Serotonin. It's associated with Puberty, and located in back of the Pituitary, which is part mouth, part brain. It's supposed to be calcified, about the age of eight, so it might be good for children to be curing Arthritis, by the age of Seven

Somehow, the Pineal, is connected to Spirit, but we know Spirit can be seperated from the body.

Arawn Graalrd

SunTiger said...

You lost me, Arawn. How does the Pineal have anything to do with curing arthritis?

Anonymous said...

Arthritis is a Joint Deposition of Calcium, and the healling of the attendant energies might be of benefit, in healling the Pineal of its Calcification. There's some thought, that Arthritis accumulates where the person has injured another, so how common is it, that each person's injured the pineals of earlier individuals? It's such a common affliction, maybe that's what people were condemned to the Earth for.

There was a mass suicide in Ur, shortly after Gilgamesh was king, and it had musical accompaniment from a high tech device, known in Ethiopiea as a Begena. Some guy in England is trying to take a reproduction of one of the lyres on tour, and I think a healing of Cup might help his cause. Healling of Cup would make the participants into a group of proffessionals, in the recovery after a suicide.

Would blogspot like me to open a blog, so I can have a google identity? How much would they charge?

Arawn Graalrd

Shadow said...

this is mighty interesting. i have honestly not thought of using colours (clothes) in this way, but it certainly makes sense.

SunTiger said...

Arawn ~ You know I love your feedback. Meanwhile the New Age concept that Arthritis accumulates where the person has injured another is just stinky bull-hockey. Kaplooey. I'm so tired of New Thought followers trying to blame the sick for any physical suffering. How heartless can people be. Truly.

Shadow ~ Begin to notice how clothes make you feel . . . not just the color but the way they fit, the texture of the fabric, etc. Some garments, blankets etc. just feel good and make us more beautiful (e.g., colors that make our skin glow verses those that seem to draw color from our faces).


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