Thursday, August 20, 2009

Does anyone recognize the plant in these two photos? It just showed up spontaneously next to a native sword fern I rescued from a site that was slated for bulldozing. I'd really love to be able to identify it . . . to know all its designations and usages. (It was not visible when I rescued the fern but only sprang up from around it after I did the transplant work). Click on any photo to enlarge it.

Life has been very busy. I feel very frustrated as stories from my distant childhood keep surfacing through connections made on FaceBook, etc. I seriously resent my Seventhday Adventist upbringing and yet I'm having to face my feelings about so much judgmentalism, etc., as people from that organization whom I respect attempt to reconnect with me.

Isn't it odd? How technology makes the planet feel so much smaller -- refusing to let go of any of us?


Anonymous said...

Might offer some clearer photos of leaf and flower. I know some edible flowers in the East, slightly cabbage flavored, that are orange trumpets, but don't recall their names.

Arawn Graalrd

Panademona said...

It looks like possibly a trumpet flower or snap dragon but the photo is a bit blurry...

I find personally that facebook is somewhat inconvenient although it does make for good scrabble games with my aunt! :-)

SunTiger said...

Panademona ~ I agree FaceBook can be inconvenient (with the way I'm constantly having to log back in). I have NOT tried playing scrabble but I've been playing Vampire Wars with some bloody fun. :D


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