Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hot Truths This Gardener Must Spew

As a kid, my cousin Bobbie (5 months older than me) was my very best friend. He and I did everything together: fished the Soos Creek, slept outside under the stars in our separate sleeping bags and we'd tell bone-chilling scary stories together while we laid out there, alone in the dark, where we had zero protection from bears.

When my dad's horse-radish came into season, we'd both sneak a root from the pile at the grinder. Horseradish root, if you didn't know, looks sort of like a carrot but it's white (see photo).

I just ordered horseradish
crowns (Armoracia Rusticana) on eBay for planting in my garden. It's getting late in the season to be putting such a cold-loving plant into the ground but I've got a semi-shaded/cooler location in mind for it. I actually ordered 20 plants . . . that's how eager I am to grow this hot and spicy root stock from my childhood again. Total cost? $33 with shipping.

Back when I was a kid - Bobby would dare me to take a bigger bite out of fresh and raw horseradish root than he did. {Do you know how hot this raw stuff is??? I'd compare it to the hottest chili pepper back in the day!}} I always had to prove my nerve so I'd take a big-ass bite. I swear steam would come out my eyes and ears (it burned so badly). The top of my head would feel like it was on fire and I wondered if my hair would fall out. Still, I kept insisting it was NOT hot; not at all: no matter how much my eyes watered and no matter how much Bobby marveled at my stupid-bravery.

SIDE NOTE: I just got accepted into the Native Plant Society training program and I begin a couple months of extensive training, starting this upcoming Friday. I'll be learning a lot more about plant identification (in regards to Washington native species) and I'll be taking field-trips and the like before I'm "authorized" to lead out in a lofty volunteer native restoration project.
[Stay tuned for oober-cool photographs and nature updates!]

Too much happiness! Oh -- and in regards to my psychic work: It really takes a LOT of energy to do a thorough reading for anybody. What keeps me going is my customer satisfaction/feedback. I truly feel so blessed every time I receive confirmation from my customers that my reading was not just correct but the advice was very pertinent. It only makes me want to work harder and get even better at medium and psychic work (life is a journey -- we can ALWAYS improve). Truly I feel blessed in that regard. I will never take my psychic work for granted.


Breath-e said...

I was very close to popping out my second child when I was handed the smallest ever pinch of freshly ground horseradish by my mother in law. It was sooo tasty I asked for another bite. Mom in law said no, so dad in law sneaked me another pinch. My daughter was born that very afternoon. Is that called inducing labor? I've always wondered. I figured she was just "running out of womb".

PS: she loves horseradish ;)

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

"Spew" and "gardener"...
Thought this was about me!
Must needs learn to read better...

becomingkate said...

My mom made ground horseradish once, and the fumes were harsh!
Have a nice Sunday.

SunTiger said...

Breath-e ~ Wow. I've never heard of the correlation between horseradish and childbirth. Fascinating suggestion.

Cygnus MacLlyr ~ I get that all the time (about me reading to read better). We must be twins.

BecomingKate ~ Yup. Even the FUMES can burn ya. LOL.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I'm sure, us standing side by side-- swan and tiger-like-- no one could tell us apart...


Arawn Graalrd said...

Horseradish, which my father always associated with Sex, growing naturally at the Bull Pen. I think your chickens might be willing to help nurture.

I had pizza for lunch, since my brother invited us on a day trip into New York, and the Pepperoni side was covered with Jalapegnos. They weren't too bad, going down, but I wonder what the future has in store... Magician turned up in Shuffling... Drawn is the Nine of Coins Invart, showing a fellow taking a day off with his parrot: Roguery; Danger; Storms; Bad faith; Possible loss of a valued friendship or a treasured possession... I don't know what sort of pain in the butt that could be talking about.

When I make Chilhi, I make it quite mild, treating the peppers as a vegetable. Slicing the Jalapegnos though, kind of made me wipe my eyes, once.


Hibiscus Moon said...

That is so cool about the Native Plant Society. You do so many neat and wonderful things.

Fijufic said...

Hot stuff. That is great news about the garden society.

Horseradish will light you up but it goes away pretty quickly.

Happy Spring!!


SunTiger said...

Cygnus MacLlyr RE: - no one could tell us apart... attached at the hip {no doubt}. ;D

Arawn Graalrd said...
Come again? (What's Horseradish got to do with Sex?) I've never had trouble with jalepenos burning upon exit so do keep me posted in that regard (curious). Your Tarot could regard someone I love suddenly going into a maniacal rant without provocation. (Your kindness in leaving me a comment made me wipe my eyes)

Hibiscus Moon ~ Glad you're happy for me in regards to the Native Plant Society. You are so cool to think I do so many neat and wonderful things. Can I adopt you as a new family member? :D

Bobby ~ Light you up in what way, exactly? Are you referring to the sudden burn that makes your hair go frizzy?


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