Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dachshund vs. Pug: Which Breed Would You Choose?

Since the Neolithic era, the dog has been linked to the Goddess (for its loyalty toward household members and savagery toward strangers). My pug completely fits this picture; which proves familiar from ancient myths.

My dachshund completely fails when it comes to protecting the household, however. Don't get me wrong: I utterly and completely love both my dogs: Freya, the silver-dapple dachshund and Artemis, the fawn-colored pug. What's more, I never expected either small breed to protect my home.

The picture to the right, of Freya and me, was taken three years ago at a bridal shower when our precious doxie was just one year old.

The only manner in which Frey could be considered a "protectress" is by the manner in which
she goes after the herons, stray cats and squirrels that visit our yard or koi pond. With strange people who come to the door, she literally wiggles with glee and pesters the visitor until they finally bend down to pet her. In the back yard, she is definitely true to breed as a hunting dog -- and she's got a blood-hound's nose to prove it. (Meanwhile, she is very gentle with the household cats, back-yard chickens and pet rabbit that live here).

OUR PUG PROTECTS THE HOUSE: Artemis (the pug) on the other-hand does NOT like visitors at all. He's a perpetual barker (seeing every passer-by as a potential threat). He does not play well with children even while he's very sturdily built and loves to tumble with me. He snores terribly and if it's the mailman who comes to the door he goes utterly but temporarily insane with barking and snarling.

Artemis literally follows me all through the house -- no matter where I happen to go. Freya, on the other hand, prefers to find a soft cushion where she can chew her rawhide or small bone and she could care less about what I am doing (unless I'm cooking and she thinks she will get a treat). The veterinarian insists my two dogs switched personalities -- as neither seems to have characteristics common to their breed.

People and animals do not always act in the positive social manner we expect from them. Even while I am a highly intuitive person, individuals out and about in society have occasionally taken me by great surprise. (e.g., I will never understand people who throw litter out the window. That always seems shocking to me).

Life has taught me that even close relationships sometimes create angst -- and it's up to me to establish healthy boundaries (e.g., communicate when barking is appropriate and not) so the emotional bond can grow instead of allowing things to escalate (e.g., to a dog bite) where damage results for all participants involved.

IN RELATED NEWS: Here is a really cool link called "Dogs as Deity." It explains many different Gods and Goddesses who either had a strong affinity for dogs or else shaped into a dog themselves:


Spiral Dancer said...

I love your dog story and your dogs are little feisty wonders! I have a shiney coated back Labrador retriever who barks at everything going by the house- on the water- especially so that includes yachts and submarines he has a particular dislike for naval vessels .
I love the name Freya (and the goddess) and will check out your link. i would be lost without him as he is my family, that is the best way to sum him up really..I am astounded at what I have learned from him and how much love he gives to your dogs his personality is so strong and so there, he makes me laugh and everyone we meet loves him, far batter socially than I am LOL
Have a great weekend ST and new moon..((hugs))

Fijufic said...

My dachshunds are a complete menace about protecting the home. God, they go nuts at the slightest thing. We have to tell people to not pet them for fear of a bite until they REALLY know the visitor..

SunTiger said...

Spiral Dancer ~ I wonder if your wondrous dog recognizes naval vessels for being the killing machines they were designed to be? {Perhaps he merely senses "danger" around them.} YAY for the NEW moon (opportunity for manifesting bigger and greater things)!

Fijufic ~
See? You're describing my pug's behavior (and the vet scratches his chin when the pug wants to snap). Freya, on the other hand, would not hurt anybody. Hmmmmmmmm.

Hibiscus Moon said...

Awww, you doggies are adorable and it wonderful that you understand them so well and set boundaries for them too.

I agree. I have learned so much from my 2 dogs (ahem...old men). They have both taught me so much and we, them.

Enjoy your canine friends!!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Pug. Dachshund makes me want a sausage wrap...

Arawn Graalrd said...

We can wonder, if those naval vessels are being careless with Radar. Ever notice, how your ears are protected from loud noises, when you're yelling?

Worcester Massachusetts, have I mentioned that, yet? I've an idea for Friendship Bracelets for Trees, that would kill the Asian Longhorn Beetle, but would work real magic, by working between disabilities, since it's something that can be done by the halt, blind and deaf togeather, so it's magic would also touch on the Postulent (pestilant) Missionairies.

It's bothersome, that a full scale biowar can be raging so close, but unheard of. I think we only hear about the Swine Flu because we're supposed to. Joe Biden, never an original speaker, leaked that we should avoid Air Travel, which might mean, they want to nudge down our Oil Imports, so it's really a war on the Shrubberies.

My birthday's on Saturday, so I want to organize a PotLatch, but I'm not real strong on Organization. Hopefully, I can get Someone to show, and can get them to try the Holy Grail Gag.

In shuffling, Temprance tried to run away and hide... Looks like something a salesman would put togeather, and I hate salesmen, drawn is the Seven of Cups Upright: Fantasy; Imagination; Daydreams; Foolish whims; Whishful thinking; Illusionary success.

Well, that'll be practice.

Arawn Graalrd

Fijufic said...

You know I have never met a mean pug before. Must be a pack mentality thing. My mini is the one who is ferocious and she lays the law down for all the animals in the house. She is the boss. She is old and doesn't care as much but when she was younger she was a real go getter.

SunTiger said...

Hibiscus Moon ~ Thank you.

Cygnus MacLlyr ~ Very funny.

Arawn ~ No. I hadn't noticed.

Fijufic ~ I'm hoping my pug settles down w/age. I keep waiting for that to happen . . . the mellowing with maturity.

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

um, BTW... Who IS that dark-haired Goddess, pink sweater, sans [left-handed] ring, posing with pups???!!!

Yes, I said Goddess. Incarnate.

Pray tell... WHO?!?!?!?!

SunTiger said...

Cygnus MacLlyr ~ So funny. My husband preferred my hair long too . . . dark. I need CHANGE (so I am constantly evolving: my hair, included). You just never know what my hair will look like one year to the next. [It's me in the photo, just three years ago; holding my Freya.]


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