Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Luck O' The Irish To Yeh!

It's a blistery cold day here in the Greater Seattle area this St. Patty's Day Mornin. 'Kin-not even see the shamrocks due to the slushy snow that befell the land. I nearly slipped on my way to collect the newspaper. ('Twas that slushy!)

On the front page of today's Seattle Times, there's many lucky charms sort of tales. One tells a positive side to so many recent layoffs in Washington state. Seems those who still manage to keep their jobs have a shorter commute time (higher speeds, fewer trips, less delay).

Was that good enough news to make you dance the Irish Jig? {{Nay says I!}}

Meanwhile there's MORE positive news! Tully's Coffee plans to EXPAND. What is more? February's Housing construction showed a big increase "bolstered by strength in all parts of the country. . ."

All this happy news is just more proof that the Luck of the Irish is alive and well in these here pilgrim lands (regardless of what nationality ye might be). Reportedly, that term "Luck of the Irish" comes from the fact that Irish people have persevered through such overwhelming adversity (i.e., British occupation and land grabs).

May you, dear reader, also persevere through trying times and come out in the end as the one dancing the jig.

P.S. One of my favorite sayings (following) was painted on an Irish Pub wall up in Anacortes: "We are an unruly sort. The kind no king can govern and no God rule."

Richest blessings,
~ SunTiger

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becomingkate said...

Have a good one, ST!

SunTiger said...

You too, Kate!

Arawn Graalrd said...

I'm wondering if the Luck of the Irish is akin to Bright, daughter of Dawdle, son of Luck, these being earlier incarnations of Brigit, Cerredwen and St. Patty. Story of why I left Ireland being a sidebar in the legend of Branwen fert LLyr.

"SIDE NOTE TO CYBERCOVEN MATES: Next Full Moon Ritual happens Thursday, April 9th. Be thinking about what sort of goals you would like to accomplish. Send me a message at SunTiger@usa.com (and I will research spell options for that goal) or suggest your own ritual ideas."

Not sayin' I'll add to me tours and commitments on the net but, this year's Burning Man has the theme of Evolution, The Tangled Bank, and I'd like to attend with a stirring cauldron to promote the Evolution of our Tangled Banks. I see a possibility of renting a Winebago and attending, if we allow for some fairly impressive miracles.

Arawn Graalrd

SunTiger said...

Arawn ~ Miracles always happen when you allow for them. That's the miraculous thing about it. You first have to BELIEVE . . . then things materialize right before your very eyes {even transformation in others.}

Hibiscus Moon said...

Thanks for this positive pick-me-up today. Erin Go Braugh!

Tish said...

Ach, not to worry luv...

My favorite Irish saying, and one I keep close to heart on the difficult days!

Hope your day has been warm and toast-y!

Æshe said...

well then I hope that I too will beable to have to luck of the irish :D

SunTiger said...

Æshe ~ ABSOLUTELY (You work hard for it, after all!)


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