Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am the master of my universe and right now it’s a really big mess

I have silk flowers cluttering the kitchen counter-tops, vintage jewelry in jars and other projects scattered throughout the dining room, decoupage-projects in the living room, long-term guests (my son, daughter-in-law and their two cats) living in the spare bedroom and a stockpile of books and CDs that I've been selling on Amazon cluttering up the office and overflowing into my bedroom. It's all organized. It's just all over the place.

"Needless to say . . . it's BAD Feng Sui." (Hey. That rhymes!)

HERE's MY PINK EASTER BASKET TO SELL {Click on any photo to enlarge it.} OR . . . you may see all the relevant photos at:

I finished it tonight and another yellow one (very unlike it) last night. I have no idea what photos I"m going to use for promoting them on eBay yet. Sheesh. Decisions, decisions.

Here's the basket Skye likes the most: in YELLOW . . .

How much should I charge you guys? Any ideas? (This really was a lot of work -- even though it was fun). I also used a lot of materials (as you can tell from the photos).

It's now 2:52 a.m. About an hour ago my son (who is living here while he waits for a deal to go through on the house that he and his wife are buying) climbed out of bed to ask me to turn off the T.V. that I was listening to while I created art {Skye couldn't sleep.} So now I'm here uploading pictures, trying to be very quiet with only Bandit, the yellow canary, still awake to keep me company.


Fijufic said...

Beautiful baskets but I have no idea what they cost to make or are worth...

Very pretty however.


Æshe said...

I would make calculations about how much money you put into them and then add a couple dollars for every hour you spent making them. They are lovely and I bet they will sell well.
...yeah room, which I have to contain myself too while doing my projects was to a point where you couldn't walk in kinda had to climb over things to get to the door. Until one of my friends came over and decided that I couldn't live in such a state anymore and went at it. Still not clean but you can walk so I would call that a victory lol.
Thank you very much for your comment :D
BOS = Book of Shadows by the way

Breath-e said...

OMG! It's Easter time already. Thanks for the reminder (argh). Beautiful baskets. I'm fond of yellow, so I'm in agreement with Skye.

SunTiger said...

Bobby ~ Thanks dude.

Æshe ~ I'm actually checking out other elaborately designed items are selling for on eBay (that's helping me a great deal w/pricing guidelines). Ah! So THAT's what BOS is! (Book of Shadows are BOSS!) :D

Breath-e ~ Funny thing is, the yellow basket was a whole lot LESS WORK. LOL. {Live and learn.}


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