Monday, March 2, 2009

Incredibly Warm Outside This Morning

When I took the dogs out and gathered the newspaper, this morning, I marveled. It felt warm like late spring or summer in this greater Seattle area (clouds but no rain yet).

I am very excited about that because I just bought two climbing roses to plant next to my cast iron arbor in the back yard. (Time to DIG my day!)

Below is an auction item I am currently selling on eBay. It ends today (click photo to see the ad):

Interestingly, I've ALSO tried selling Christian jewelry (crucifixes, angel pins, etc.) that were in different boxes of vintage jewelry that I purchased in bulk. I'm not Christian but some of this stuff was pretty nice and I thought SOMEONE would want them. UNFORTUNATELY, when I first posted the whole LOT of Christian artifacts NOBODY would bid . . . not even when I listed the entire grouping - for ONE PENNY! {Have all the Christians DIED???} . . . I re-posted the ad for a more reasonable price and STILL nobody is bidding or watching it -- this auction also ends today and is just about to END! (Click on photo to see all items for sale)


Arawn Graalrd said...

Warmth of any flavor is pretty incredible. The fact that it's too cold to shovel hasn't stopped the snow.

Sounds like the Christians on E-Bay are out to sell, rather than buy, so packaging your trinkets into a shoe box, visiting a hospital, and finding those who can be helped by trinkets, rather than Massage, would be a study.

Sun held by a bird, sounds like the Phoenix. I, of course, have no need of a graven image, by which to worship myself, but I'm sure you'll sell it too cheap; this is also a study.

Dollars and Sense, by P.T.Barnum, is a good book, and may have some lessons for E-Bay.

Arawn Graalrd

becomingkate said...

Hmm, try selling the Christian stuff on Craig's List, or kajiji.
Have a good one ST!

Fijufic said...

Craigslist may be good although I have read that sales are WAY Down for ebay as well as most other places.

Hope you sell them...


SunTiger said...

Arawn ~ I don't think I will sell the goddess statue too cheap. At any rate -- I no longer have a need for it and hope it arrives in a worthwhile home.

BecomingKate ~ That's a great idea. {Thank you for the suggestions. (I had never heard of kajiji before -- will have to check it out).

Fijufic ~ Sales are happening on eBay. You just need to know WHAT people "want" that's all. Judging by the number of people who showed up at Seattle's Garden show (thousands) and they had to pay $20/person just to get in . . . not to mention what they paid for parking . . . it's all about STRATEGY!

{Blessings to you all}

raphnix said...

I think the Sun's warmth is taking revenge for the long very cold winter days.

SunTiger said...

raphnix ~ Sun and heat being akin to "passion" . . . (considering the way lovers spats often end in such) your observation makes a LOT of sense. :D

TheLubeFaerie said...

Hah it was so warm here a few days ago and then yesterday it snows over 6 inches! Crazy.

SunTiger said...

That's why they call it "climate change" (I kinda like the dramatic seasons changing day after day but I know the plants suffer for it)


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