Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Miss: Am I understanding You Correctly?

I haven't been doing much psychic work lately. I don't feel like standing on some street corner, calling out to potential customers like some sort of mythical whore. When work doesn't come easily to me I simply change my strategy. (See difficulty as a sign from the gods to focus elsewhere until directed otherwise).

Writing is going oober-well for me right now. I just shipped off my Law of Attraction article this morning. I think parts of it are pretty dad-burned funny . . . hope the editor laughs with it as well.

I also received another offer to teach Pallomancy. This time the class would be held up in North Seattle. (I merely need to send off the course description for publication purposes, etc.)

Yesterday, on my way home from my morning walk for coffee, a neighbor-lady stopped me. I'm beginning to feel a little nervous about talking with her because she spreads negative gossip around like so much compost rotting on top of healthy garden soil. She actually assumed my newly installed wooden rocket-box (bat house) was put in place just to "piss off the neighbors." My gawd that's the last goal I had in mind. I even thought the way we painted it all black looked incredibly cool with the different bird feeders and plants now hanging off its pole from fancy iron-crafted hangars. If I wanted to upset the neighbors I'd have made the bat house out of extruded polystyrene foam (aka "Styrofoam") or cut rusty metal from a used trailer -- something equally obnoxious as that.

Meanwhile -- I will be volunteering at the Seattle Yard and Garden Show (at the Seattle Convention Center) working inside the "Bats Northwest" booth . . . teaching folks about bat houses and such.

This Saturday I'm working at the potting site for a big Native Plant Rescue effort. Hopefully I'll come up with a story idea to write and sell after that venture -- maybe figure out some way to earn an income (indirectly) from all the various, and very fun, volunteer work I do. :D


becomingkate said...

Our city utilizes a lot of bat houses throughout to combat mosquitoes. The neighbour sounds like a piece of work!

Anneal said...

Trade ya some stones for some of your

Hibiscus Moon said...

Wow, you certainly keep yourself busy with many interesting, fun and worthwhile activities. I always wish I had more time to devote to things like that. Do you have an article that you've written about bats? I know we have little brown bats here in Florida and I've always been drawn to them.

SunTiger said...

BecomingKate ~ Seriously? Where, exactly do you live? I'd love to get more information . . . maybe convince the city here to do the same!

Anneal ~ I'm all about bartering. You can contact me through email (if that's easier): What sort of stones do you have? LOVE ALL SORTS OF EM!

Hibiscus Moon ~ The Bat article is supposed to come out in the Beltane (May) 2009 issue of Pentacle Magazine. :D

The fact that you have always been drawn to bats proves you're braver than me. I used to feel frightened by them, until I learned how incredibly beneficial they are to the environment, etc.

Tish said...

I love bats, and love even more watching your success unfold!

TheLubeFaerie said...

Sounds like my neighbors. We have a native plant program at the park near our house. I am sure I piss my neighbors off by letting some of the local plants stay put in my gardens. There was a story on our news here a while back about a guy in the next county who let his yard be reclaimed. It was gorgeous. More like a rainforest than anything else you would see in south central PA. I gotta work on getting a bat house this summer.

Arawn Graalrd said...

Is this a new Gossip Monger? Maybe she'd like to meet Mrs. Kravitz, and talk shop.

Jet Black makes a good background for more colorful decor; add something to stir the imagination.

Are you sure you wouldn't like to help me channel the Holy Grail? That's the magical foundation of our modern banking system, and it might be time for a shot in the arm. It would certainly get you more Psychic Work.

Doing the occassional Massage can also help you get writing ideas. Once you've had people relax, we have ways of making them talk.

I wonder, if we could train Whores in the martial art of Psychiatry? The problem with Psychiatry, is that they think it's about the patient, when it's really about a group that has anxiety over a member, and fixing that member up may or may not be what that group needs. Taking a member of that group, as a kind of Relic, Psychiatry can then find some use for Psychotherapy, but it's Necromancy, where Psychiatrists should work. A good place to start is, lay hands, as a way of gaining wisdom, then heal amongst those with Injury, Arthritis, and body part anxiety; the Holy Grail can then train them in group dynamics, and they can better learn the awakening of spirits and cultures. Whores are mostly an off-shoot of Psychiatry, anyways, so we might as well start there.

Arawn Graalrd

SunTiger said...

Tish ~ You rock, grrr-r-r-r-rl! {Thank you.}

TheLubeFaerie ~ we bought our first bat house from McClendon's hardware for a mere $12. Then we built a rocket box (which is supposed to be the better design). If you're handy w/tools here's the blueprint following a style that the Northwest Bats association recommends:

Arawn ~ she's actually had her own run-ins w/Mrs. Kravitz already. I've even wrote "save the rooster" letters on her behalf (since she has roosters, not me -- but she lives on a much larger plot of land). She did get to keep her crowing pet after we were through! :D

You are right: society has a big difficult time trying to deal with anyone who does not wear cacky-colored pants and a polo shirt (meaning irregular behavior, such as rage, sobbing, talking to oneself, are not typically tolerated very well.)

Fijufic said...


Perhaps your interests aren't mainstream? I'm just guessing.

How did I do?


SunTiger said...

Fijufic ~ I could feel offended. Me not mainstream? Phllllllbt. LOL. I'm DROWNING in the main stream, which fails to think or use a brain, actually. (While others may get swept away by it - I know you don't see yourself as "mainstream" either).


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