Thursday, February 5, 2009

I must have been an Iroquois in at least one past life, I feel like such a Sun-worshipper. Yesterday I peeled off many layers of winter-wear, down to a mere tank-top & jeans (first time I haven't worn long johns since October!). I abandoned my computer long enough to go outside to replant a few bushes that grew bigger than expected & kept feeling grateful for all the vitamin D therapy.
Looks like climate change is enhancing Washington's month of February into a teaser for spring. Last year it happened, anyway. I feel sorry for the wintering plants -- poor misdirected souls who begin poking their heads out of the soil too early only to be frightened back into their dens soon as March brings the frost-monster back.

With this morning's chill, I'm feeling incredibly artsy and may decide to stay inside. I found the 3D masterpiece (pictured left) for sale on Click the image if you want to bid on it. (Support art/have a happier life.)

Last night I also felt very "craft" minded and bid on a few lot-size shipments of vintage jewelry from eBay. I cannot wait until one particular 9-pound package arrives on my doorstep so I can get busy doing a retro-revamp of my old dresser-drawers. I'm currently cutting up pop cans, turning the aluminum inside-out, and I'm punching holes to make decorative trim for that dresser (which will soon become a gigantic collage). I'll cover it in some retro-print fabric first.

Here's another super cool Etsy - 3D collage for sale (click the image). I did not make this and do not know the artist but I admire the work. Wouldn't it be fun to makes something like this with your family members faces on it?


becomingkate said...

I love that callage!

(btw, tried to find that article on bat houses on the bike trails, but couldn't)

Fijufic said...

Go figure. I am a freak for the arts...

Love love love art and artists


SunTiger said...

BecomingKate ~ WEll, if you happen upon it again . . . forward the info. {Thanks for trying!}

Fijufic ~ You're just a freak (like me). That's why you come say hello, after all. :D


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