Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Real Ship Can Match The Earth

Time to take some action to decrease climate change. In contrast with the way things are on the Black Pearl (Arrrrrrgh) there’s no real ship as can match the Earth.

Seems we’re all riding with black sails these days: a crew seemingly damned. (Som say we were previously captained by a man so evil - Hell itself spat him back out. Thank the seas for Obama who now takes the helm to repeal Earth-endangering laws)!

Now’s time for change and here’s how I know.
Scientists have been drilling deep in Greenland and in the Arctic. What they found there tells Earth’s story these past 400 thousand years. Reading those samples like one might count tree rings and observing how much CO2 was in the atmosphere what year and when . . . we now know (with certainty) that planet Earth is heating up; its verifiable.

Not only that . . . but the plants and animals are speaking to us in this same regard; as they are very deeply connected to the seasons. Here’s just a trinket for examples:

  • * 75% of the world’s butterflies are now coming out of the cocoon to take flight 24 days earlier each year (that’s nearly a month early).
  • Wisconsin (good at documenting this kind of thing) has seen forest phlox blooms 18 days earlier than 50 years ago. Butterfly weed blooms 18 days earlier. Columbine? 13 days earlier.
  • Five species of dragonfly have moved north into Florida from Cuba and the Bahamas. (So much more evidence but I cannot possibly fit it on this little scalliwag of a blog!)
I tend to free-flow through life and figure if some strange plant or animal wants to migrate into my neighborhood the “so be it.” The more the merrier. What’s more, I’d love to be able to bask in a warmer climate, grow a palm tree for a change (and especially look forward to a longer growing season.

Undesirable species tend to thrive in warmer climates (tree-killing beetles, invasive vines, etc.). While the drought season gets drier, the rainy season rains harder. Native species of birds and plants DISAPPEAR.

Plant variety in your yard so if one species of plant is no longer able to survive perhaps another helpful species will thrive in its place. Choose plants for your yard that feed the native wild animals – as they may be losing food resources with subtle changes.


WHO KNOWS. Maybe eventually we'll be able to form our own: "Delicate Garden Club and Ladies Terrorist Group"

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Fijufic said...

We plant a lot of seagrass to hold the dunes where we live and of course the Chesapeake Bay Foundation is a cause that is fantastic.

Great post.

The earth is warming and we go through cycles but it is trending up as you say. Change is a constant however.

Love ya,

SunTiger said...

Bobby ~ I don't know much about your area and what can grow there. You'd think folks would want a little more variety than just seagrass tho. Eh?

Arawn Graalrd said...

The danger of Protectionism, is that you might be protecting the obsolete. Those nasty bark beatles could be clearing the way for more southerly vegetation, according to natural fluxes over the Great Year. I've heard our climate Change is actually behind schedule, for a typical great year.

If you'd like to lay out in the tropics, I'd like to build some desalination plants off the Baja, where the water can be desalinated by crystalization, and the real estate is cheap enough for Agriculture. It'd be a good deal, for building a Hogwarts, inviting mystic elderly to be supported by their adolescent grandchildren.

I know of something that can be read to groups, to heal Chronic Somatics, those aches and pains and incurable ills, that might be scaled up, to address OEconomics, as an area of Chronic Somatics, and it could be scaled up further, to treat OEcology, and the impact of Human OEcolomics thereon, as a source of Stress. OEcos meaning Habitat, of which OEconomics is the art/work of ordering and OEcology is the Philosophy beyond our authority of ordering. Any farm should maintain half its acreage, as wild growth, to reballance the environment, so the precise line of OEconomics to OEcology is not a matter of scale, but of Authority. I'm calling this, a healling of OEcoscalure, or OEcoscaluire. I have to find a greek scholar, to work out the semantics.

I've read of a Coal Seam Fire in China, that produces most of our carbon dioxide, so Nature can carry her own authority. Enabling others to speak politely unto Heaven, Earth and Man, is the best way, to teach ourselves.

I started a session of remote healling, yesterday, and think I got some good done, but the person asking wandered off. That was just allowing a sharing of causation, to some body parts.

SunTiger said...

Arawn ~ When you can front the money for building Hogwarts I'm totally w/ya partner. :D

TheLubeFaerie said...

I'm in~

SunTiger said...

You could be a teacher, LubeFaerie. What modality would you most like to present?

BonnieBehave said...

I want Hogwarts, too! And all the food! Ah, chocolate frogs....

becomingkate said...

Every year we add a few more plants and flwoers to our yards, but dang it takes forever! This next year I'm hoping to do a lot more. I always admire your garden.

SunTiger said...

BonnieBehave ~ I'd settle just to have someone else cook and clean up after me. LOL. {Chocolate frogs might be hard to swallow; considering they can wiggle inside your mouth)

Becomingkate ~ I always feel like my garden is a work in progress too. It's never ending (always coming up with better ideas on how to improve the yard). That's most of the fun with gardening. Wouldn't you agree?


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