Monday, January 26, 2009

Hauntings & Gardens

I received a phone call this morning. Seems a really cool (age: late-thirties) male was laying on his couch last night, enjoying the heat from the fire place. On the mantle, a small electric fan circulated the heat.

You can imagine his surprise when that fan suddenly flew off the mantle towards him and it would have hit him except the wall-plug stopped its soaring. Soon as the cord stretched to its maximum capacity, the fan fell hard to the floor.

The “customer” asked why does this always happen to him? I think it happens to a LOT of people and most are so frightened by such experiences they refuse to talk about it, dismiss it as having been their imagination and otherwise play dumb to avoid potential ridicule.

{What I 'saw' in vision was a Golem-type creature, with wings, but I feel there is much more to the story than just that.}

Tomorrow I get to go to a training called “Global Warming For Gardeners.” (Yayness). I can hardly wait; even while I already hear Bobby/Fijufic moaning: “No such thing as Global Warming SunTiger!” I didn’t name the class, dude. Call it “Climate Change Gardening” if it makes you feel better. (Love ya. Mean it!)


Fijufic said...

You make me laugh.

You know I say these things to spark conversation and perhaps learn something new.

I learn all sorts of new stuff here and LOVE coming to visit you.

My mother-in-law FINALLY confessed to me that she now knows her house is haunted. Holy Cow is it ever and I have claimed it for years and years.

Who knows perhaps they will give you ideas on how to garden in cooler or warmer climates. I can make a solid case on both sides really although if I chart things from the ice age onward we are absolutely getting warmer.

I do know for a fact that many of us are ruining the environment. I am particularly alarmed at how bad things are in China for instance.

The place is so toxic and getting worse by the day.


In short I never know where this journal is headed next but I must confess you are one of the most interesting human beings on the planet.

Your psychic senses will pick up on this next line before you read it.

You are priceless to me and I'm certain to many others. (you already know it however)

Love ya,

SunTiger said...

Bobby ~ You totally rock. Thank you for all the comments you have ever left on my blog.

What your mother-in-law describes as "haunted" does not feel as though it was previously human. While it feels as though no serious harm has been done so far -- that could change. I'd call on a psychic to cleanse it, if I were her.) It feels as though your mo-in-law is already considering such.

greeneyes67 said...

Love ya and mean it too!!!

We have had electrical charges and issues since we've been together. Follows us wherever we live which makes me think it's "somebody's" energy. Lights exploding, outlets exploding, ceiling fans stopping and starting. Little things like that. It doesn't scare me I just wish I knew if it was Tee's energy or someone who is visiting. We get a kick out of it really. And the dog reacts every time.

It's definitely hotter here. It's been in the 80's and that's not normal even for Havasu. Oh well, whatayagonnado? It's real people, deal with it..

Have a good night..

Arawn Graalrd said...

Here's a movie idea, what if Global Warming is a Werewolf Conspiracy, as they try to take the world from the Sasquatch, only they're both being pushed about by demons who have to take polite turns, on a 25 millenium cycle. I think it'd have fantastic opportunities for Sequelization. In twenty years, we could pull all the plots out of a Rider Waite Deck.
* * *
I've read one theory, that Global Warming is a result of the industry of Agriculture. As farms are developed, Carbon is released for the Forestry Removal.
* * *
I resolved one haunting, inadvertantly, by having a lady, who'd been too exhausted by the need for housework, simply to grasp and release random objects through her house. The result, is that the spirit of a previous house-wife recovered from her coma, and became the house. There's now a sentient house, in Wisconsin. It just goes to show, rather than telling the magic what to do, we can simply act rightly, and let the magic happen.
* * *
I was just watching a re-run of The Last Templar. I think they come of the Dan Brown School of Fact Chucking. Everybody knows, The Templar Navy dissappeared, with access to the navigational records, of Saint Brendan. They're searching for the treasure of Solomon, but Gold in those days had been mostly Bronze. The real treasure of Solomon would be his Ring, which we all know, is buried under the Snows of Killamanjaro, waiting for me, for some strange reason.

Hibiscus Moon said...

What's a "golem-type creature"? I could look it up but I would love to read your explanation. Thanks.

SunTiger said...

Greeneyes67 ~ At least part of it IS "T's" energy. {Powerful woman, she is!} It was happening around her before the two of you got together.

Arawn ~ That's a fabulous werewolf/climate change idea. I hope you market it! I'm sure agriculture does have some influence on climate change with the way it cuts down trees (that consume CO2) and often involves livestock (who help produce more of it by way of flatulence/fertilizer).

Hibiscus Moon ~looks like this creature but with wings:


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