Friday, December 26, 2008

Urban Legends That Are Real

For my birthday, last October, my son Greg and daughter-in-law Skye bought me two consecutive runs of the T.V. series "Supernatural." It's been real interesting sitting around watching stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles tackle paranormal realities and urban legends that turned out to be true. The show does a good job with its metaphysical research and seems to be pretty accurate, as far as I can tell.

After watching a metaphysical clown episode -- where the circus-entertainer kept sneaking into children's homes and slaughtering their parents, I read a REAL LIFE story in the Seattle Times this morning where Santa Claus did the same thing down in California on Christmas Eve. {Perhaps the newspaper is where many of these Urban Legends get their start?}

Here's a link to the story on how an 8-year-old girl, attending a Christmas Eve party, answered a knock at the door. There stood the Jolly Old Saint Nick who shot her in the face, and then killed 7 others.


Arawn Graalrd said...

The comments on that story quickly degenerated into whether Guns and Religions should be regulated. Had it been Israel, all the adults would have been obliged to carry Uzis, and the guy would have had to wear Dynamite and Napalm under a rabbinical overcoat. Stories involving Gun Violence get more coverage, than worse crimes involving machetes, mostly as a campaign to disarm america, but a story of Santa Claws's Slay would still carry a Chill Factor. It'll make one hell of an Urban Legend.
I suppose Santa Claus has now been added to the No-Fly List.
Another News Story, was that a Priest announced to all the children, in the audience, that Father Christmas and the Witch Behana, who distribute gifts each year, were just Myths. I don't know why the Seminary accepted an atheist, like that, but it was my failure, as much as in that above family's, in preparing the tart in choosing a husband.
Santa Claus is real, by the way, and interred in Italy, and anyone who gives presents to a child is manifesting her/his presence. I'll try to introduce her, sometime, as she was last seen living on a Florida Salt Marsh.
Santa Claws will be next year's most popular Halloween Costume; Minds me of Nightmare Before Christmas.
Oh, yes, he would also have discussed this action with his therapist, before undertaking it. Therapists are a bit slow on the uptake, sometimes.
There's a funny story, about the Temple of Solomon; when I get funding enough for a world tour, I'll want a dirigible, named Winnebago.
Arawn Graalrd

Concha said...

Happy day after Christmas!!!

SunTiger said...

Arawn ~ Isn't that the way it always goes? Like the government will ever be able to keep explosives, etc., out of the hands of criminals. Sheesh.

So are you saying one must believe in Behana and Father Christmas to be a "believer?" {Think I could argue against that point -- disbelief in one deity does not make someone an Atheist, necessarily.}
~ SunTiger

Dear Concha ~ and a Happy NEW YEAR (all year long) to you! :D

Arawn Graalrd said...

Can you imagine, a girl, maybe ten years from now, is telling another girl, about this urban legend, maybe in the college dorm, and the other girl has the details, on what town she answered that door in? I forget if Supernatural has already done that one.
I don't think the government wants to keep guns and bombs out of the hands of criminals, but to legitimize the storm troopers who'll search all suspect houses for these contraband, like the way drugs are outlawed, as a way of medicating outlaws. Our present economic train wreck was not a surprise in some quarters, but Iraq and Afganistan have been serving as a training ground for Urban Warfare. Actually, I'd not be surprised if certain regulators were allowed to be irresponsible, so this next stage of evolution could be arranged for the republic, while we thought it was a cover for the falling housing prices.
Belief in Behana and Father Christmas has some tie to Belief, and such poor judgement indicates Issues of Belief. This guy takes himself too seriously, as a priest, having entirely forgotten that clause about "Be like little children." The poor guy is a Mercenary Celibate.
Arawn Graalrd

SunTiger said...

Arawn ~ Maybe that could happen if the little girl had survived. Otherwise -- she'd have to be REINCARNATED to retell the story. {Now THAT's a fascinating idea for a plot!}

I don't support blind belief in anything. I figure, if I talk to Behana and she manifests in some way -- THEN I believe. Regarding "Father Christmas?" He's never left any presents at my door. I prefer to rely on the Faeries for that; as they provide good results.

Arawn Graalrd said...

I found this, on Eartha Kitt. It seems we saw her first, as CatWoman, but she'd also set her carreer back, by speaking Truth unto Power.
Fortunately, our brave little 8yo has a prognosis of being about for future urban legends, unless you've something more recent. "The gunshot injuries of the 8-year old and the 16-year-old are not believed to be life threatening, police said. "
Reconstructive Surgery won't be as big an expense, as the reconstruction of Christmas. It rather reminds me, of Falling Down, in which a retiring detective intercedes in just such a family dispute, involving an Aerospace Worker. That was a story of a progressive spree killer, and this fellow's lawyer mentioned he'd been very up-beat during his divorce procedings, which smells a bit like Fluoxetine Involvement. Fluoxetine is used in the medication of Depression, but doesn't reduce the incidence of Suicide, one of the symptoms of Depression; it has some association with the expression, "Going Postal."
Come to think on't, Three Days of the Condor might also offer some perspective, in Package Delivery, but this sounds more like a Postaliation.
I would like to introduce that little girl to Santa Claus, maybe as part of my ministry unto the Celebrities...

Arawn Graalrd


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