Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So Many Amazing Things Keep Happening

I feel like writing another list to organize my thoughts. So that's what I'm doing.

1. I really enjoy rewarding hard work. So when wait staff at a restaurant provide me with great service I like tipping way above and beyond expected norms. It makes me happy. I feel like I am rewarding someone for going to work instead of giving that money to someone whose standing along the side of the road with a "need cash" sign. I know the way I think is not how everybody on the planet thinks. Yet I feel that giving cash to a beggar rewards begging behavior.

2. I really believe magic happens. I think it's a rather simple concept but socialization has conditioned us to think magic is not real or within anyone's grasp. Meanwhile - the more I practice a magical life - the more incredible and amazing things keep happening for my benefit. I wish everyone could see how awesome that feels and practice the law of attraction (more) to enhance their lives.

3. I feel so grateful for my Reiki clients. Getting paid the same amount to get into a zen and peaceful state of being as I get paid to do hard and physically grueling massage therapy just really puts amazement and variety into my day. *Too much happiness!*

4. I am so grateful that I follow my own intuition. I keep getting rewarded for it. That in itself feels rather magical. 


Breath-e said...

Everyday we seem to get closer to a "whoo-whoo" life as being normal. And "normal" life is getting closer to death on earth. I don't have a problem with that. Keep the magic coming....

Fijufic said...

Love this post. I can feel your smile all the way over here.

I smile in return.


SunTiger said...

Breath-e ~ I do believe (like you) that magic is feeling more normal each and every day. Define "death" though ... what one person perceives that word to mean has a completely different definition for someone else.

SunTiger said...

Bobby ~ You and me? We embrace all the gifts that life brings to us. ~ SunTiger


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