Monday, July 4, 2011

Fortune Sides With She Who Dares

So? Christina and I arrived in Southern California last night (where I hope to make my home). On this Independence Day (4th of July) I celebrated my new emancipation by driving around with a uHaul trailer in tow looking for an apartment to rent. Unfortunately, most apartment managers are NOT working today but I did get a good look at the lay of the land here. It's utterly beautiful but stressful pulling a double-axle trailer down narrow streets where folks parked on both sides of the road. So many apartments do NOT provide parking other than on the street ... which, just like scuffing one's feet on a dry carpet before touching something metal...gave me a bit of culture shock. (Most apartments in my former state, Washington, have parking lots if not parking garages.)

While driving, I managed to be distracted by an oil truck that postured as though to block my exit from the 7-Eleven store and managed to pull out too slowly in front of a cop who pulled me over. In the process of NOT giving me a ticket, he made it very clear that he's divorced. I kept feeling grateful he was not asking for my vehicle registration, since I'd taken it out of the vehicle to research my truck's warranty last night ... forgot to put the documentation back. Even still - he let me go without so much as a warning.

Even though the cop was sorta cute ... I'm so very much NOT wanting any kind of romantic relationship (and he seemed to be seeking). Really feel burned out on all that partner ranting and attempting to control someone else scenario. Makes me shudder to THINK about dating anyone - if ya wanna know the truth. I'd imagine a police officer would eventually create chaos - thanks to all the stress their profession provides and makes them addicted to adrenaline.

At any rate ... I plan to watch the fireworks tonight. Hope this update finds you celebrating life and every freedom you have with all your might. While I'm glad to be past all the painful lessons or wisdom that life has brought my way so far -- I'm much more grateful to have the ability to move far and beyond obvious mistakes to celebrate freedom and INDEPENDENCE. Whoot!


A Magpie's Nest of Treasures said...

I'm glad you made the trip down south safely. ((hugs)) Sending good and positive apt-finding-thoughts today. Take care and stay in touch!


Fijufic said...

Hope you are well Sun....

A new chapter awaits. I'll be here and ready to tag along. Thank you for including us in your life. You are loved through the good and the not so good....


Breath-e said...

What a surprising update. I've come back to it a couple times this week.

Sending wishes you have found an excellent landing pad.

Keep the updates coming!

SunTiger said...

Gina ~ Your positive thoughts helped. I found the best possible place to live. I'm amazed by how things are working out. THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND SENTIMENTS.
~ SunTiger

SunTiger said...

Bobby ~
I always feel blessed by your posts on your blog. The feeling of inclusion is mutual. {Hugs.}
~ SunTiger

SunTiger said...

Breath-e ~
I have so many blogs I need to read (yours included). You inspired me to update ... so I guess I will!
~ SunTiger


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