Friday, May 21, 2010

Psychic Readings Over The Years

When I first started providing psychic readings for clients on-line I tried working via live chat. It didn't work too well, because the ticking meter (e.g., running clock at LivePerson) interfered with my need to fully connect undistractedly. I felt I needed to rush to give immediate feedback, since the longer the clock ticked -- the more pennies were being charged. I wanted my customers to feel like they were getting a fair deal for the service provided so I'd hurry. That sort of pressure limited how detailed or accurate my reading could be. With clients not always leaving me the highest possible praise, I soon realized I wasn't serving my customers to my fullest capacity.

To provide a higher quality of service, I started requiring that all Internet readings be purchased by email (no more live chat!). With an email reading, I can take all the time I need to fully connect; spiritually. I charge a simple flat fee (which my clients really like) and because there's no meter running I can take all the time needed to really quiet my mind and read all of the energies involved; even see if the client's perception of what is happening is fully accurate! Doing this, I'm usually able to respond with the answer my clients seek within the hour (depending on how busy I am with other clients at the time).

Because email allows me to examine the full truth behind whatever subject is presented to me, my ratings have gone up significantly over the years. My customer feedback proves that this sort of careful effort is greatly appreciated.

Positive reviews is what motivates me to keep doing intuitive work -- that and the reality that I cannot provide readings without connecting, energetically. The spiritual advantages from providing intuitive readings are huge. Perhaps most importantly, I feel my hard work, accompanied by natural ability, is deeply valued. (That's honestly why I'm still here!)

Thank you to all my wonderful clients. It's been my greatest pleasure to serve you!

~ SunTiger

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