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Tarot Reading For Active Married Mother

Just bought a new "Elemental Tarot" deck and feel very inspired to post a one-card reading from it. (I have learned it's always powerful and smart to follow such unsolicited spiritual promptings). Intuitively I "get" this reading is intended for a female reader whose married. To me she feels exhausted -- and is probably a young mother.

Drawn is the FURNACE card, where the fire element is very strong (fire often representing a spiritual topic, regarding deity or having to do with ancestral spirits). While I'm not very familiar with this particular deck of cards (or its traditional meanings) whenever I provide a reading for a client of mine, I always start with what I "get" intuitively FIRST before I resort to sharing any traditional meaning of a tarot card. To offer this sort of reading ... where I know it's going to have a significant amount of meaning for my client ... I always ask SPIRIT to guide what I am seeing and what I am about to say.

IMAGE DESCRIBED: What's drawn here is a naked yellow person with perky breasts in a very limber pose; (a posture that might be described as an advance yoga pose). Her feet curve around her back so her toes are positioned just barely above her forehead. She seems to be floating in the air (air being symbolic of her own breath/soul) with her left hand raised in the air and her right arm hanging down with the hand pointing toward the ground.

INTUITIVE READING FROM THIS IMAGE: Yellow would be symbolic of the third (solar plexus) chakra ... so in addition to having a strong spiritual message, this card involves someone's self esteem and this is where I "get" a very strong sense of who she is -- she is comfortable with herself. The name on the card "FURNACE" suggests the Fire/yin/masculine element is involved and with the right arm pointing toward earth it would seem there's a male figure who helps her feel grounded. 

With the red background, it's clear he gives this female some sense of safety/stability in her life.

Meanwhile the sense of this card suggests the main character/client is feeling like she's really bending over backwards for too many people (three hands reach out to touch her from the corners of this card suggesting such). She's a healthy woman. I can see the outline of two humans in silhouette fighting with one another in the background/intuitively I know they are this client's children and like all kids they're emotionally lovable/entertaining but very draining/exhausting of their mother's time and energy. They seem to make a lot of noise.

READING: So while the mom tries to maintain a sense of spiritual peace and harmony all around her (as depicted by the Yoga pose and color yellow) and while she's very connected to who she is and connected to her ancestors/deity, even while she has a stable relationship with a male to support her, there's a great deal chaotic activity in her life (created by 'others' who rely much too heavily upon her).

A pentacle is positioned in the upper middle portion of this card and it's directly inside the circle that is formed by this woman's body. I interpret that blue pentacle to support what I said earlier about this woman feeling as though someone's "got her back" (she feels protected even while it's clear she feels utterly exhausted).

Looking up the traditional meaning of this 5-of Fire card. The traditional meaning: "Unwillingly stirred into action or rebellion by a sudden turn in life. Being forced into a new situation in one's work. Challenge from an unexpected source. Negatively, obstinately resisting change. Manipulation by circumstances."

*Obviously I "got" a LOT more information out of that card than what was revealed by the book's description! This is part of the reason why clients love me ... I look BEYOND the card's traditional meaning and ask Spirit to guide me while I give feedback.

If this reading moved you or helped you in any way ... please feel encouraged to comment and I'll know to do readings like this again!

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SunTiger said...

So cool. . . received a private message that this really reached someone special. :-D (Love how Spirit works like that!)


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