Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SunTiger Now Blogging Elsewhere

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Arawn Graalrd said...

I'd not been able to post, at your new site...

You didn't draw for yourself, did you?

More the fools we, who seek never to be the fools.

You could put a live tree, in the corner, and allow the kittens to play in that, until it's big enough to plant outside, and replace in the corner, just as a tiny tree nursery. Grow your own, and keep the kitties familiar with the courtesy due to christmas trees.

If you haven't read Gesundheit!, I recommend it. I think a lot of people will try to bring joy to patients, before they discover that Patch's real dictum, is to lead with your heart.

Medicine Eagle has replaced his Pagan Coffee with Paranormal Coffee, but it's likely in the same place, if you're interested. Tell him your an old guard master of mine; he's a soldier looking for retirement. Battle Fatigue is too easily cured; I think it takes an army to keep it going.

Let's see what I can draw for you... Errr, Four of Swords, looking entirely too peaceful: Respite; Rest after illness; Repose; Replenishment; Solitude; Exile; Retreat; Abandonment... Oh, and I also just saw a TV Show, about our economy.

Arawn Graalrd

Arawn Graalrd said...

Your SuntigerXO page doesn't yet seem set for annonymous entries.

Is it an awful party, if someone's learning to party? Partying is an art, and you might just have little patience for the baby steps of that art. Too many people for the level of development might have been part of the problem. I'll bet she gets lots of excuses, to her next show. I'd go to her next, but I'm an arch saint, and nobody can take me anywhere.

Now the very worst Theme, for a party, I think I've got you beat. My brother got sick enough, that he got his head examined, and the Neurosugeon duly removed the dead tissue from a stroke, and also a Glioblastoma. As an Airline Pilot... Let's see if I can find his picture, as an airline pilot... See, Aviators are people too.

Anyhow, we'll be having a real big family get togeather, on the Winter Solstice. I wonder if I can get the Hand Clapping Game going?

Arawn Graalrd

SunTiger said...

Hi Arawn. Are you on Facebook? Look for me there. Search

You can post HERE providing the entry is not very old. I'm very sorry you have had difficulty posting. I will see what I can do to make it easier for you. [Good to hear from you again.] :-D


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